Thursday, September 6, 2012

MyGlam: August

Hi loves! Sorry to pour you with MyGlam posts today, I just need to finish July and August Glam Bag before the September bag is coming! :)

The theme for August Glam Bag is Endless Summer. It did not explain why, but I guess these products will make you feel all year summer long (since summer is almost over :( ). Without a further do, lets take a look what's inside!

First thing first is another nail polish from Andrea's Choice! As you know in my July Glam Bag, Andrea is a beauty guru on YouTube, and she is one of my favorites! This month I got a super neon pink color called Ringmaster. Seriously if you wear this color in the Fall, you'll feel like it is summer. :) 

I was surprised by MyGlam for this Glam lip gloss! They said it is a complimentary product to say thank you to me (how sweet!). The lip gloss is actually not so bad quality. It is not too stick, or too sheer. But it will be perfect if I use it on top of my lipstick. Plus, I love the color! 

I also got two products from Eclos. Its product is organic and enriched with plant extracts. The first product is Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream, which helps to renew skin, brighten dull skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It basically makes your skin look younger! :) You can get this at Ulta, Target, GNC, Walgreens, or Rite Aid for $24.99.

The second product from Eclos is the Anti-Aging Cellular Activator Face Serum. Since it is a serum and it is more concentrated, so you put it on before your moisturizer or the Regenerative Cream. This will also reduce line and wrinkles, and make your skin smoother and more youthful looking.

Next product is Demeter Roll On Perfume Oil in Dragon Fruit. I can't say much about this but it simply smells like dragon fruit. It is very sweet and fresh and since it is a roll on, you can easily apply it on your wrist and the back of your ear or neck.

Last but not least is a loose eyeshadow from Salty Cosmetics called Glama-Zoid. This is like a duo-chrome pigment and it is actually pretty cool! As you can see from the container, it is an opaque white eyeshadow, but as you apply it, it will turn pinkish violet purple. I think it is going to be really pretty to highlight your inner tear duct or even your browbone. :)

I am going to ask you the same question as before, which one is your favorite product? Let me know in the comment below! Don't forget to add me as your friend on Facebook and Twitter too! 


I love you, 

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