Friday, October 5, 2012

No More Frizzy Hair

Hi lovelies! Today I really wanna do this quick review of something that I have been obsessed with over the past few years. It is the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream. You all know that I have a long straight hair. Yes, my hair is naturally straight, but it is frizzy like hell if I just blow dry/air dry it. My hair really looks like a lion's hair, LOL. That's why I always use a flat iron just really to straighten and smooth out those frizzy hair. 

Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream blocks the humidity, and so it eliminates frizz as well as conditions your hair. It does not contain silicones or oils, so it won't weigh your hair down. 

I use this on damp hair, and since I have a lot of hair, I use like about a quarter size of it. Then, I coat the hair from roots to ends evenly. Then I blow dry my hair, and my hair feels so smooth and most importantly, not frizzy. Sometimes I even do not need to straighten my hair anymore. 

Overall, I love this product. It is like one of those things that does the job. It smells really good too! So, if you are looking for an anti-frizz hair product, try this out! The downside of this is it is a little bit pricey. But you can always go to your local Sephora and ask for a sample to see if you like it. This is my second bottle and I will definitely repurchase it because I love how soft my hair is after I put this on :)

Just FYI, I used their Full Thickening Cream too in the past and I loved it! It gives your hair looking really smooth and healthy. I am gonna try their new product Prime, and let you know how I think about it!

Where to buy: Sephora, $26 for 4 oz, $36 for 8 oz. 

What is your favorite anti-frizz product? Let me know in the comment below! 

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

MyGlam: September

Hi beauties! I just realized that I have not shown you my September Glam Bag. Well, guess what.. MyGlam has changed its name to ipsy, which I found it is very unique and interesting. But I think everybody is still saying Glam Bag, so here is my September Glam Bag!

The bag itself is very simple, sleek and somewhat elegant. The material does not feel cheap at all, and it works as a clutch! So definitely loving the bag :) 

First product is (again) Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Color in Tightrope. It is a bright purple color, almost neon. 

Next thing is probably my favorite of all of them. It is the Carol's Daughter Monoi Split End Sealer. This gives smoothness and shine to your hair ends and also it helps to reduce the split ends on your hair. But let me tell you guys... this stuff smells amazing! Like seriously it has the best smell of all hair products I used. It is also very convenient because I can use it on my ends whenever I need, and it smoothes it out instantly. 

Next is Jane Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink. This lipgloss is very pigmented and I like it how it is opaque but not sheer. However, it is very sticky, yet also long wearing. It has that subtle sparkles and still gives your pout a pretty shine :) 

Next thing to last is Mirabella eyeshadow in Semiformal. It is a medium brown with satin finish, and it is very neutral that you can wear it on your eye lid or for blending color. The quality of it is okay and pigmented as well.

The last thing that I got is the SOHO Smudge Brush. Its handle is pink and metallic, and it is so tall, taller than basic brushes. The bristles is very soft as well, so it does a pretty good job of smudging your eyesahdow creating a soft smokey look :) 

That's all I got for September bag! I am really excited to see this month's bag, it is like opening a Christmas present every month! 

Which product is your favorite? 

Let me know in the comment below! And lets be friends guys! 

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favorites!

Hi beauties!!! It's been a while I have not done my monthly favorites, so now I think it is time to get back on track again :) These products that I am going to show you in a second are mostly things that I have been using for the past three months, and I am loving them! Definitely will repurchase all of these in the future. So lets get started!

First is the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation ($55). It is a medium to full coverage foundation and it dries into powder. But since I have oily skin, I dust a little bit of translucent powder from Make Up For Ever just to set everything up. I wrote a whole review about it, just click here if you have not seen it :) The downside of this is the price ($55!!!!), and the pump does not work (I have exchanged it twice at Sephora). But now Hourglass is working on a new pump since so many people have been complaining about it. 

These two products have to go together: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer and Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer #57. This concealer has changed my skin (and my life....). If I only wear the foundation, you'll still be able to see my imperfections. This concealer covers everything like cray cray.. It makes my skin looks flawless! Plus it is non-comedogenic and fragrance free. This is the only concealer that doesn't break me out. And the brush is like a holy grail.. I used to use Sigma P80 brush to apply it, but the finish does not look natural, it is like you can see I try to cover my imperfections. With this Sephora brush, I just dab the concealer onto my face, and it gives me a flawless result. 

Of course I have to include this awesome palette into my September favorites. It is the Smashbox Limited Edition Masterclass Palette (click here to read its review). I have been using it everyday, and I can create so many different looks with this. Everything here is so pigmented, I love it! I hope they make this as a permanent product :) 

That's about makeup, now move on to my new favorite hair product! It is the Ojon Rare Blend Oil ($35). It makes my hair so silky smooth, and you just need a tiny bit of it. There was one time I put more than usual (just because I thought it'd make my hair SUPER soft), and it makes my hair super greasy :( Anyway, I use it in the middle of blowdrying my hair. 

I literally can see a dramatic difference on my skin after I use this cleanser from Philosophy called Clear Days Ahead. I got a sample of it, and it lasts me a long time. My skin has less breakouts and it is clearing up. I only use this in the morning though because it is a little bit drying up my skin, especially on the jawline area. I never tried so many Philosophy products before, except the Hope in A Jar moisturizer and Purity cleanser, but this made me want to try more of their products. 

I never liked eye creams before because I thought they were useless, haha! But this one, I am in love. It is the Origins GinZing, and it makes my under eye area so much brighter. I will never skip eye cream anymore! Click here to read its review. 

Like an eye cream, I hated sunscreen before. I just did not like the feeling and the smell of it. I have been using this Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal SPF 50 for the past three months and I never skip sunscreen even a day. It does not have weird sunblock scents, and it is not sticky either. The downside of this is the price, which is $50 for a small tube. I use two pumps for the entire face after I put on moisturizer. It is good under my makeup as well. 

Bracelets are my favorite jewelry of all time! I saw this from Jewelmint for $29.99, and it is called Barefoot Anklet. If you are not familiar with Jewelmint is, it is basically a monthly jewelry subscription for $29.99. You can skip month if you don't like any of the jewelry they picked out for you. I have subscribed to it since two years ago, and this was my second purchase, haha. This is actually an anklet, but I don't like how it looks on my ankle, so I wear it on my wrist and I am loving it :) 

Now for my random favorites! 
Favorite apps: still the Smurfs!! I am on level 32 now! Woohoo! and I also love Lumie, it adds sparkles and glitters on your pictures. Here is a silly picture of my smurf riding on red guinea pig, haha. 

Favorite food: Special K Fruit Crisps - I love the strawberry and the blueberry ones. YUMMMM..! My friend brought it at work, and I am hooked. He described it as mini pop tarts (which I loveee pop tarts!), but healthier. And he is exactly right! I have also been loving Auntie Anne's Pretzel. To be honest with you, I never like its pretzel. I do not know why, I just never had a good experience with it. My friend asked me to taste the Original ones and oh my god... Can't stop eating it now. I like it with salt! YUMMM!! (and yes... I love Tootsie Roll. Can't get over with it...) 

Favorite beverage: Hot chocolate! The weather has been weird lately.. Sometimes it is cold, then it is hot again. It is cloudy, yet sunny.. But anyway.. when it is cloudy and cold, I always stop by at gas station to get hot chocolate. Yes, gas station's hot chocolate is the bomb. Also, I have been loving Pomegranate Iced Tea from Nordstrom Cafe.. It is not that sweet, but it has that yummy flavor. Plus, pomegranate is good for your skin! :) 

I think that's all my favorites! Let me know what are your favorites in the comment below! :)

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