Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 5 MAC Blushes for Beginners

Hi beauties! Today I want to share with you my top five MAC Blushes of all time. These colors are so pretty and versatile that you can wear it in any season or any occasion. They are also like my to-go blushes - when I don't have time to choose what blush to use, I just grab one of these and I am good to go.

Also, they are not so dramatic or too glittery/shimmery, so they are perfect for those of you who are new to the makeup world and planning to pick up some blushes from MAC. You know MAC has a lot of blushes and it can be too overwhelming sometimes, so these five colors are like a must-have on your collection! :)

Lets get started!

First one has to be Cubic. This was the first MAC blush I have ever purchased! A little story behind this blush... I remembered I was on MAC website and tried to decide which blush I should go for. I did not want to have a super dramatic color, so I asked one of the MAC representatives with live chat. She suggested Cubic for me, and my first impression was like... "that looks purple!" But she convinced me that this blush will look beautiful and natural on every skin tone. So I'd just take the risk and bought it. Seriously I couldn't thank enough to her (or him.. I don't know), I love this blush to the end! :) Ohhh I forgot to tell you that Cubic is a muted mauve pink with satin finish. It has no shimmer, so it won't accentuate redness or any imperfections. 

The next blush is called Dame. As you can see it is a soft blue pink with satin finish. This is a pretty pink that will suit in every skin tone. It contains no shimmer or glitter, and will give you a flush of pretty pink on your cheeks! :) 

This is also in the pink category, but it is more vibrant and a little bit more dramatic. I love this Barbie pink blush called Dollymix, it is sheer so that you can build up the intensity. Also, it has slight shimmers but not too overwhelmed. So pretty! 

Next one is my favorite peachy blush! It is called Peachykeen, and this is the most natural peachy blush I have ever found. Seriously if you are searching for a peachy blush that will give you a healthy and natural look, this is the one. Same as Dollymix, it is sheer and has a slight of shimmers. You barely notice the shimmer, but it will give you a radiance on your cheeks!

Instead of pink and peach blushes, you have to have at least one berry/plummy blush on your collection. Berry/plummy shade is actually the most natural color on the cheeks. You know if you just got pinched on your cheeks, it would show a dark red color instead of pink and peach, right? haha! So, my favorite berry blush from MAC is Plum Foolery and it is a natural plum color with a slight shimmer. Again, it is sheer so that you can build up the color until you are satisfied with the shade. 

So that is it my Top 5 MAC blushes! If you were planning to build up your MAC blush collection, I highly recommend you to have these five colors. I guarantee you won't be disappointed, haha. 

Where to buy: MAC, $20 for 0.21oz 

What is your favorite MAC blush? Leave in the comment! And please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests, I will reach out to you ASAP ;) I look forward to talking to you all! 

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Love you guys! 

Left to Right: Cubic, Dame, Dollymix, Peachykeen, Plum Foolery 

Left to Right: Plum Foolery, Peachykeen, Dollymix, Dame, Cubic


  1. Great post! I really want Peachykeen :)

  2. Peachykeen is one of my favourites, I love MAC Blusher, fantastic review and blog xx


  3. Great post! I'm looking for some mac blushes myself, but not sure what to try. I think I'll try dollymix soon!