Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

If you see my March blog archives, I did a few of review posts for theBalm. Just want to let you know, theBalm did not send me free stuffs to review and I believe they even did not acknowledge me. I purchased everything with my own money, and it is seriously my new favorite brand! theBalm was used to be in my Sephora counter, I did not know why I always skipped it, which in other means, I never bought any single product of theirs. Well, now my Sephora has removed theBalm from its shelf (I wonder why), and I am so sad!! Little did I know, theBalm has really good quality products and now I have to purchase them online :(

Anyway, that's just my little story for theBalm, not that it is necessary, haha. So, back on track! Today's review is about theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer. You know I am a fan of Mary-Lou Manizer (click here for its review), which is a shimmery highlighter. Betty-Lou Manizer has the same concept of Mary-Lou but it is a shimmery bronzer. Now, like I said in my Top 5 Bronzers post, I encouraged you to stay away from shimmery bronzer because it can make you look like a disco ball. However, I do not use this as a bronzer, but as a warm highlighter instead.

Betty-Lou Manizer is described as "a silky smooth, all-in-one bronzing highlighter, shimmer and shadow." It has no paraben and talc free, which is a plus because these two ingredients can harm your skin! This product can diffuse light to give your skin a subtle warmth. It is a warm golden bronze with shimmer and sheen. The shimmer itself is not like glittery, so it is pretty fine, while the sheen really reflects the light and gives you that subtle sheen and glow.

Like the description says, the texture is very smooth and it has a good color payoff. You just need a one stroke application to get the 'glow.' It applies smoothly to the skin as well, it is not chalky or anything, so it'll look natural on your skin.

I like to use bronzer to contour, which means I almost apply bronzer all over my face: under cheekbones, jawline, sides of forehead, and neck. Imagine if I apply Betty-Lou Manizer in all of those parts. Even though it will give you a natural glow, but if I apply it all over, it will look fake. So, what I like to do is I use my regular matte bronzer on those parts, and then I sweep this onto the middle of my forehead, apple of cheeks (under my blush), and chin. However, I just dab my brush lightly onto the product, and apply it to those three parts, so I am not using a lot of products. That way I will get a really natural subtle goddess glow on my face.

The packaging itself is super cute. TheBalm has always impressed me with its creative name and packaging. It comes in a sturdy compact and a mirror on the inside. The size is not too big, not too small, just fits on your hand or your makeup bag perfectly! :)

Overall, I love this product but I do not know if it is necessary to own both Mary-Lou Manizer and Betty-Lou Manizer. If you like a highlighter that really can show up your features, I'd say go for Mary-Lou Manizer, because the color is just perfect to luminize your features. However, if you like that natural goddess glow, then go for Betty-Lou Manizer. It is really your preference, I personally like to highlight my features, and Mary-Lou Manizer is the perfect highlighter that can do that. I also feel a highlighter is a more necessary product for your makeup collection, whereas bronzing highlighter is more of a pleasure (especially for the spring and summer!)

Where to buy: theBalm site, Sephora, $24 for 0.30 oz. 

What do you think of this product? Are you interested in buying it (if you haven't owned it yet)? Which one do you prefer? Betty-Lou or Mary-Lou? Leave in the comment below! And don't forget to like my Facebook page and follow my Twitter

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theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer 

theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer
theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer 

theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer 

theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer swatch

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Look: My Go-To Look

Hi beauties! I really wanted to show you my everyday look, but unfortunately I really do not have one. I do not wear makeup everyday, but every time I wear makeup, I will use different eye products, try on different looks, and so on. However, I do have a go-to look, which means when I am in a hurry and I do not have time to think what look should I be wearing on that day, or what products I used, then mostly I will do this look.

I really like this look not only because it is super simple, easy and quick, but also it is appropriate for any outfit, any occasion, day time, night time, basically it is a very versatile look. So I really really recommend you to try this look.

I used Nude Tude palette from theBalm, which I had reviewed before here, but all the colors I used are very common. All you need is a medium matte brown, a shimmery champagne or pink, a dark matte brown (or use black matte for a more dramatic look). Optional: a shimmery white shadow for highlighting, but you can use the shimmery champagne/pink previously.

I am going to stop rambling and lets get started for the tutorial!

Products Used 
theBalm Nude Tude Palette, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder
Brushes: Urban Decay 24/7 Blending Brush, Sigma E35, Stila #5, myGlam Crease Brush (I got it at March Glam Bag, so it is not sold, but any fluffy blending brush will do)

Steps by Steps 

Finished Look 

Face Products 
Concealer - L'Oreal MAGIC Lumi Concealer Pen in Light  (click here for its comparison with YSL Touche Eclait)
Bronzer - Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (see my top 5 bronzers here!)
Blush - NARS Exhibit A (click here for the review) 


Hope you liked the look! Let me know what you think in the comment below! I really want to get to know you more, so please follow me on Twitter and Facebook, so we will be in touch! :) 

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How-to: Metallic Nude Lips

Hi loves! So I just figured out a way on how to make your lips look metallic, just like wearing a lipstick with metallic finish. However, this time we won't be using any lipstick, well probably a lip balm. Does lip balm consider a lipstick? Haha. Anyway, this look is great for spring, especially for those of you who don't like wear bold lipsticks and still want your lips to look natural, but people still can see some effort you are putting in there. This is sooooo easy and fast to achieve, so it is great when you are in a rush and you don't have time to go through your lipstick collection trying to figure out what color should you be wearing today ;) I am gonna stop rambling and lets get started!

After you finished applying your foundation, dab your foundation brush to your lip. Don't add more foundation, just use whatever left on the brush. Make sure your lip is not dry or chapped; if so, put on lip balm first. This step is to neutralize your lip's color, so that it'll pick up the next product better. 

Take a highlighter powder with any kind of fluffy brush. You can use a shimmery eyeshadow too! I used theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (click here for its review)

Then, dab it again onto your lip. See how my lip looks shiny? :) 

OPTIONAL: You can put on lip balm afterwards to moisturize your lip and for a longer hold. And YAY, for chipped nails haha! 

You're DONE! 
Some of you might have known this technique or thought this is so unnecessary, haha. But I figured this out just by randomly playing with makeup products. I did not know it would be so fun and the result would be this satisfying!

Will you try this method? Do you have any tips and trick for better looking lips? Leave in the comment below!! And pleaseeee follow me on Twitter and Facebook. 


Review&Demo: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (First Impression)

Hi beauties!! If you've read my last Sephora and Body Shop haul (click here to read), you knew I promised you to do a review on Boscia Luminizing Black Mask that I got from Sephora. So, I have tried it once, and I am going to tell you what's my first impression using it.

If you do not know what Boscia Luminizing Black Mask is, it is basically a peel off mask means after it dries up, you can peel it instead of rinse it with water. The reason why I bought this was because it is natural and I am sold out of its active ingredients. It has Vitamin C which will help to reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten your skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it has Montmorillonite Clay which can absorb excess oil, dirt and toxins from the skin, so your skin will be purified and clean. Last active ingredient it has is Pine Bark Extract. It is a powerful antioxidant provider which will condition your skin and defend from free radical damage.

So to conclude its purposes, this mask will detoxify your skin as well as purify and brighten it. It removes dirt and toxins from your face so that your skin will look radiant and your pores look smaller. This mask is for all skin types with alcohol free, no parabens, no sulfates, no dyes, and all those harmful stuffs for your skin.

When you are applying this onto your face, avoid eye area, brows, hairline and lips. Then, leave it for maybe about 20 minutes or until it completely dry. It depends on how much you put it on - the thicker, the longer it dries. Then the cool part is after it dries up, gently peel off mask from outer edges. It is really like peeling off your skin that is dull and unwanted (say byebye dead skin!) You'll find some residue from the mask on your face, and you can just rinse it with warm water, and it will melt off. You can use this once or twice a week.

Ok now my experience with it.. or we should say, my first impression with this. Well, it took me literally almost 30 minutes to peel off the mask! I swear!! I stood on my bathroom sink in front of mirror trying to peel it off. No fun. At all. I felt deadly tired afterwards, haha. Anyway, I think the reason why it was so hard to peel off was because I applied a thin layer on my face, so I think the thinner the harder (the more painful too!) it peels off. So, I am going to try the second time with a thicker layer, and we'll see how it goes.

I couldn't say how it benefits my skin yet because skin product needs at least two weeks to react on people's skin. So I could not say if it really evens out my skin tone and such. However, I could say that I feel refreshed and my skin feels so smooth right after I am done with the mask. My skin feels incredibly clean! I could tell from the mask I peeled that it does remove all the dirt. I also see that my blackheads are also removed from the mask, not all of them, but I definitely can see the reduced amount of them.

Overall, I am now still 50/50 with the mask, I do not know whether I really like it. The thing that really bothers me is it is a pain in the butt to peel it off. My face has soft hair on it, so you know how painful it was during the peeling process :( I almost returned this to Sephora but as I was writing this, I thought I have to give this baby a second chance, haha.

Where to buy: Sephora, Boscia site, $34 for 2.8oz. 

Have you tried this mask yet? What is your favorite mask of all time? Share with me by leaving in the comment below, tweeting me on Twitter, or you can also post on my Facebook wall! I look forward to talking to you all!

Twitter: www. 

Much Love, 

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask 

See how thin it was on my face? 

At first the peeling process went smoothly, but then it got more painful and started to fall apart 

These are all the pieces from the mask 

See how it looks like you just peeled off your dead skin? 

You might not be able to see the dirts on the mask from the picture, but I totally could see it in real life 

The mask will melt off when you rinse it with warm water, so don't be afraid if you have small parts that can't be peeled off. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soft Coral Nail Polish

Hi beauties! Just want to show you quickly what's on my nails today!

It is from OPI called Malaysian Mist. I actually have owned this for about a year, and never liked it! Because it was so sheer and the color payoff was not good at all. So, I decided to give it a try again, and I love the result! It is a soft coral, nude peachy color, that looks so natural and it is like your nails but better. The color goes with any outfits you are wearing, and it is perfect for any occasion or any season.

However, if you are expecting an opaque finish after one coat, you might wanna skip this one. One coat of this will give you a super sheer color, almost like a clear top coat on your nails, but still a slight color on it. I did three coats for desired good opaque coverage.

The color also goes kinda streaky, so you really need to even it out well to get a nice consistent and smooth finish. Also, this color also makes my skin looks kinda tan, although I have super pale skin. So it is perfect for those of you who don't like bold nail polish colors, but still wanna rock out the spring and summer season.

Where to buy:, Beauty Brands stores,, Ulta stores, Amazon, $8.50 for 0.15oz.

p/s: I am not a good at nail polish application, so please excuse for the messy application that you see in the pictures, haha.

What's on your nails at the moment? How do you like this color? :)