Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lioele Triple the Solutions vs. Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream (Review&Demo)

Hey beauties!!! This post was requested by one of my beautiful readers, Linda, and of course I have to do it! :) I love all my readers, so please if you have any request, don't hesitate to tell me! :)

So today's comparison is for another two famous Asian BB Creams: Lioele Triple the Solution and Fairydrops Candy Bar. I also did an in-depth review for Fairydrops BB Cream, so you might want to check that out! (Click here to read, and click here for Skin79 VS Lioele).

So, the BIG difference between these two BB Creams is Fairydrops has no SPF at all, and Lioele has SPF 30. So, you still need to use a sunscreen before you put on Fairydrops. I know sometimes we can be so lazy to put on sunscreen, that's why cosmetics with SPF on it come in handy, but people said you still need an actual sunscreen to get the best protection. I tried not to care about my SPF moisturizer or foundation, and still use a sunscreen beforehand. So, if you already get used to put on sunscreen, you can go for Fairydrops, but if you prefer your BB Cream has SPF on it, then go for Lioele.

Products with SPF can make our face look washed out on the camera, so thank God we don't need SPF at night! Fairydrops were created for your skin to look flawless and perfect on the camera, and I am positive that is the reason why the creator does not include an SPF on it, while most of BB Creams have it. I remembered I have Lioele on my face when my friend took a picture of me, and yes I looked super "white," like a ghost. It was back in the summer, and I thought I have blended it well onto my neck, but no no no... The color on my face and my neck was not the same! How embarrassing.. Anyway, just wanted to share with you my embarrassing moment ;)

So back on topic.. If you are planning to go for a night out and yes there would be a lot cameras around you, don't use Lioele because it has a pretty high SPF and a whitening formula. Basically don't use any SPF products if you are going to be surrounded by cameras, no matter it is day or night. SPF reflects lights, so your face will look washed out on the camera.

Also, Lioele has important benefits for our skin: it whitens and brightens our skin, provides moisture, reduces wrinkles, and protects our skin from UV rays. So in other words, it improves our skin while we have our makeup on. Fairydrops has no these kinds of benefits, it makes our skin look smooth and soft while we have it on. It also has micro gold pearl that will hide any scars and freckles, but not make them disappear it. It also diffuses light to hide wrinkles, but not reducing it.

Now the most important one is the coverage. Which one has the most coverage? It is a hard question because they tend to give a decent amount of coverage, but of course either one of them provides more. As you can see in the pictures below, Lioele seems to hide more of my imperfections than Fairydrops after first applications, but they both almost hide all of my imperfections after second application. Sometimes if I need a "perfect" face on that day, I'll use concealer to hide the rest, otherwise I'll just put on powder afterwards and I am done. So, as the coverage goes, I'll have to say Lioele provides more than Fairydrops, but they really are comparable.

In terms of the texture, I found that Lioele is thicker, hence gives us more like a full coverage. Fairydrops has two shades of color: Light Ochre and Ochre, while Lioele only has one shade, however, both of them match my skin perfectly (I use Light Ochre for Fairydrops). As you can see the swatches below, Fairydrops has more yellow tint to it, while Lioele has a very slight grey tint to it. So, as you put on Fairydrops on your face, you won't look "lighter" than your skin tone, it just matches perfectly onto your skin. For Lioele, you might look lighter than your skin tone as you put it on, but it will oxidize in the next few minutes and match your skin tone perfectly, so don't freak out! LOL.

I mentioned in my last post when I was comparing Skin79 and Lioele that Lioele tends to make my face look so oily by the end of the day, especially on my T-zone area. Fairydrops does not do that. Again, it is created to make your face looks flawless in the camera, so it is shine free and oil free. My face stays matte all day long, which I love! So, if your face tend to get oily, Fairydrops is for you - it gives a good coverage, just don't forget to put on sunscreen before, or bring blotting papers just in case! You'll never know if your face produces more oil that day ;) and bring a pressed powder for touch up :)

However, if you just want to have a quick makeup during the day, Lioele is not bad for you either. It provides an excellent coverage, and it still can control oil, but just not as long as Fairydrops. But, if you already have a perfect skin, you might find Lioele is a little bit too heavy for you. So, just apply a little product and you'll look flawless! ;)

As for the packaging, I really like Lioele better, even though Fairydrops looks cuter! Lioele comes in a tube with a pump, and usually one pump goes a long way. Fairydrops comes in a squeeze tube, and sometimes you have to shake it in order to come out, and the sponge that comes with is useless. I feel like once the sponge touches the products, it will eat it all before we put it onto our face.

The price is also one of the big differences. Fairydrops is $39.99 for 35g and Lioele is $28.60 for 50ml, I bought mine at Pretty and Cute site, prices might be different in other places though! In addition, Lioele smells really good, while Fairydrops just has a slight smell. So if you are sensitive to fragrances, you might want to skip Lioele.

Overall, I cannot decide which one I like the best. I really like Lioele's features and coverage, but I think I can just use it where I won't be wearing makeup for the whole day. Fairydrops is the only BB Creams that gives you an HD look, but it just does not give you benefits like whitening, wrinkle improvements, or UV protection. I can say that Fairydrops is more similar to a foundation, where it is created for covering imperfections and making your skin look flawless, smooth and soft.

So now it is time for you to tell me which one you'll prefer the most. These two are great products, and thanks for Linda for requesting and giving me such a challenge, haha! I hope this comparison useful for all of you! :) Leave in the comment below, and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. 


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I'll talk to you soon and love you all! 


Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

Lioele Triple the Solutions BB Cream

Left - Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream; Right: Lioele Triple the Solutions BB Cream 

After first application of Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream 

After first application of Lioele Triple the Solutions BB Cream

Finished look of Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

Finished look of Lioele Triple the Solutions BB Cream 


  1. i'm so glad i found this post via search! been debating whether fairydrops matches up. this helped so much. thanks!!

    1. I am so glad that this helps you! Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Thanks so much for your review! I am suuuper interested in trying out the Fairydrops Candy Bar but the thing that is irking me is that it only has 2 shades. I have really fair skin so do you think the Light Ochre is good enough for the color match?

  3. you look alike IU :O