Sunday, March 18, 2012

I DYED MY HAIR! For the very first time...the story, the experience, the products I used

Dying my hair is one of the craziest things I have done. Seriously. I never dyed my hair before, my natural hair color is soooooo dark, it is not true blackest black, but it is like the darkest brown or soft black or maybe very black! I have no idea, you see a lot of my pictures, please judge, LOL.

I have been wanting to dye my hair since.... I even couldn't remember! Probably since I was in middle school, so it's been about ten years!! How sad!! The reason why I did not dye my hair earlier was because I was SOOOO afraid that the chemical would ruin my hair.

One thing that you do not know about me that I am very spontaneous. If I wanted to do something and I was able to do it at that moment, I'd do it right away. So, if you've seen my piercings on my ear, I did that without planning it at all. I was with my friends at downtown, and we were talking about piercings, I felt like doing it, so I went to Claire's (because it was at downtown too!) and got it done. That simple, haha.

So anyway, the background story of dying my hair was I woke up in the morning and felt like having brown hair. So I drove to CVS and got my own kit. Hahaha! Do you think it is ridiculous or crazy or normal? Please tell me in the comment below! LOL. (Hey you only live once! :p)

In this post, I wanna show you what colors/products I used and how I thought about it. So, if you liked the color, you could buy the same one and we'd have the same hair color! YAYY!

The first product I used was L'Oreal Superior Preference Sun-Kissed Caramel in Hi-Lift Natural Brown ($7.99). The reason why I bought this because the box says that it is designed to lighten the darkest hair. Hey! That sounds like me, haha. I did not use all the products that it came with because I was afraid my hair was going to turn really light and that was not what I wanted. So, after I felt like everything was applied evenly (applied in dry hair), I realized that I have only used a half of the product. Oh by the way, the color gel smells really really really strong! I did it in my bathroom and I almost could not breathe. Then, I waited for 30 - 40 minutes, rinsed it off, and could not wait to see the transformation.

Well.... my hair color kinda did not change at all. How sad!!! The reason why was I did not use enough product, and the manual said you could not use used products, so I decided to buy a new one.

The second one I got was L'Oreal Superior Preference True Brunettes in Ultra Light Ash Brown ($7.99). At first I was looking for the same color, but then I saw this one because it says FOR DARK HAIR ONLY. Hey, that sounds like me again! Haha.

This time, I almost used all of the products, probably just a quarter left. I applied it evenly onto my dry hair in open door so that I could breathe! Then I waited again for 40 minutes, rinsed it, and blowed dry it. Now I could see the transformation. It did not turn like it is on the box's picture, my hair came out like a reddish brown. I am honestly not really liking it, but I love that my hair now is lighter. I expected my hair would turn into ashy brown. It also says that the color will stay up to eight weeks, but I do not know if I want to dye it again after it is fading away. But I will let you know in the future! :) Let me know what you think of my new hair color, do you think black is better or brown? Be honest! Haha (see the before-after pictures at the bottom of the page)

So that's my behind the scene of my new hair color. I know it is so long and I apologize. This might be so unnecessary for some of you, but I just wanted to share my experiences. :)

Have any of you not dyed hair before? If you have, how was your first experience? If not, will you do it in the future or you're just loving your natural hair color? Do you guys have any good hair color recommendation designed for dark hair? Which one do you prefer - done it at home or professionally at a salon? (Oh the reason why I did not do it at a saloon because it is going to cost really expensive since my hair is long and it is gonna use up a lot of products). Please do share with me! I'd like to hear :) 

I hope you guys find this helpful, and sorry if I am bored you out, haha. Have a great Sunday you all! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you haven't! ;) 



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  1. OMG dalink!!!!!
    itu coklat ya? looks like red.. difoto sih bagus kok.. cm aneh aja liatnya. ga pernah liat lu rambut selain item!!!!
    beware sama rambut tumbuh deh ntar.. hrs semir lagi lagi lagi dan lagii..
    but, u look preety on it

  2. Looks lovely on you! great choice :)

  3. it's totally normal to think about dying and do it spontaneously. and congrats - like your first hair dying it looks really good. and i think this colors looks nice on you. i don't risk dying hair myself, because i have long and thick hair and it may happen that i would become a lil zebra trying to do it myself (have learn a lesson of my teenage dying-myself experience). anyway. nice color and good luck in your future experiments :)

  4. It looks really good!! And you have such pretty hair xx

  5. I just did the same thing! I have very dark/basically black hair and used the same brand but I used the next color over (same color but "warmer"tone) and it looks very close to yours-nowhere near the color on the box. I wanted to add highlights since the color didn't come out but now I'm reading I can't bleach it b/c the box dyes contain metallic salts :(