Friday, December 30, 2011

Silver Natural

Hey everyone! 

I am so sorry that I have been MIA! I do not want to bombard you with excuses and excuses. Lets just jump on the tutorial!

Well, honestly this post was meant for a new year look, but I never got the time to post it. I also thought even though this look is pretty dramatic, but still looks flattering and natural. I even wore this look on the day when I hung out with my friend haha! So, you can wear this look anytime you want! Lunch, dinner, night out, party, but not to work though! LOL.

This look consists of shimmery silver on the lid. Also, I layer the silver with cream and powder eyeshadow, so that it will last longer. Don't forget to prime your lids too! :) 

Ok, let's get started!

Products Used 

Steps by Steps 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glamorous Holiday Look

Hello beautifuls! 

Christmas is almost here, and I am so excited! Today's look is probably what I am going to wear on Christmas day (but I always change in the last minute!). Anyway, this look is so glamorous with its bronzy gold and deep plumy colors.

This post is a little bit different because I am not only using eyeshadows, but also I am using some pigments. In addition, I also show you how I do my face and lips. 

Let's get started! 

Products Used 
MAC Pigments in Cocomotion (limited edition, you can use MAC Pigments in Tan, or Old Gold)
MAC Signed 'n Sealed (limited edition, but MAC Shadowy Lady is basically the same) 

Steps by Steps 

Face Products
MAC Fix+ (use water if you do not have it)

Steps by Steps 

After you finish applying your foundation...

Lips Products 
MAC Lipstick in Feel So Fine (discontinued, use any bright pink lipstick)

Steps by Steps 

Finished Look

And that's it! I am so sorry this is a long post. I know I posted like a billion pictures here. I was having a hard time edit and upload them too! Haha! Anyway, how do you guys like this look? Comment below! I think I am going to do a New Year make-up look too. Soon! :)