Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favorites!

Hi beauties!!! It's been a while I have not done my monthly favorites, so now I think it is time to get back on track again :) These products that I am going to show you in a second are mostly things that I have been using for the past three months, and I am loving them! Definitely will repurchase all of these in the future. So lets get started!

First is the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation ($55). It is a medium to full coverage foundation and it dries into powder. But since I have oily skin, I dust a little bit of translucent powder from Make Up For Ever just to set everything up. I wrote a whole review about it, just click here if you have not seen it :) The downside of this is the price ($55!!!!), and the pump does not work (I have exchanged it twice at Sephora). But now Hourglass is working on a new pump since so many people have been complaining about it. 

These two products have to go together: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer and Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer #57. This concealer has changed my skin (and my life....). If I only wear the foundation, you'll still be able to see my imperfections. This concealer covers everything like cray cray.. It makes my skin looks flawless! Plus it is non-comedogenic and fragrance free. This is the only concealer that doesn't break me out. And the brush is like a holy grail.. I used to use Sigma P80 brush to apply it, but the finish does not look natural, it is like you can see I try to cover my imperfections. With this Sephora brush, I just dab the concealer onto my face, and it gives me a flawless result. 

Of course I have to include this awesome palette into my September favorites. It is the Smashbox Limited Edition Masterclass Palette (click here to read its review). I have been using it everyday, and I can create so many different looks with this. Everything here is so pigmented, I love it! I hope they make this as a permanent product :) 

That's about makeup, now move on to my new favorite hair product! It is the Ojon Rare Blend Oil ($35). It makes my hair so silky smooth, and you just need a tiny bit of it. There was one time I put more than usual (just because I thought it'd make my hair SUPER soft), and it makes my hair super greasy :( Anyway, I use it in the middle of blowdrying my hair. 

I literally can see a dramatic difference on my skin after I use this cleanser from Philosophy called Clear Days Ahead. I got a sample of it, and it lasts me a long time. My skin has less breakouts and it is clearing up. I only use this in the morning though because it is a little bit drying up my skin, especially on the jawline area. I never tried so many Philosophy products before, except the Hope in A Jar moisturizer and Purity cleanser, but this made me want to try more of their products. 

I never liked eye creams before because I thought they were useless, haha! But this one, I am in love. It is the Origins GinZing, and it makes my under eye area so much brighter. I will never skip eye cream anymore! Click here to read its review. 

Like an eye cream, I hated sunscreen before. I just did not like the feeling and the smell of it. I have been using this Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal SPF 50 for the past three months and I never skip sunscreen even a day. It does not have weird sunblock scents, and it is not sticky either. The downside of this is the price, which is $50 for a small tube. I use two pumps for the entire face after I put on moisturizer. It is good under my makeup as well. 

Bracelets are my favorite jewelry of all time! I saw this from Jewelmint for $29.99, and it is called Barefoot Anklet. If you are not familiar with Jewelmint is, it is basically a monthly jewelry subscription for $29.99. You can skip month if you don't like any of the jewelry they picked out for you. I have subscribed to it since two years ago, and this was my second purchase, haha. This is actually an anklet, but I don't like how it looks on my ankle, so I wear it on my wrist and I am loving it :) 

Now for my random favorites! 
Favorite apps: still the Smurfs!! I am on level 32 now! Woohoo! and I also love Lumie, it adds sparkles and glitters on your pictures. Here is a silly picture of my smurf riding on red guinea pig, haha. 

Favorite food: Special K Fruit Crisps - I love the strawberry and the blueberry ones. YUMMMM..! My friend brought it at work, and I am hooked. He described it as mini pop tarts (which I loveee pop tarts!), but healthier. And he is exactly right! I have also been loving Auntie Anne's Pretzel. To be honest with you, I never like its pretzel. I do not know why, I just never had a good experience with it. My friend asked me to taste the Original ones and oh my god... Can't stop eating it now. I like it with salt! YUMMM!! (and yes... I love Tootsie Roll. Can't get over with it...) 

Favorite beverage: Hot chocolate! The weather has been weird lately.. Sometimes it is cold, then it is hot again. It is cloudy, yet sunny.. But anyway.. when it is cloudy and cold, I always stop by at gas station to get hot chocolate. Yes, gas station's hot chocolate is the bomb. Also, I have been loving Pomegranate Iced Tea from Nordstrom Cafe.. It is not that sweet, but it has that yummy flavor. Plus, pomegranate is good for your skin! :) 

I think that's all my favorites! Let me know what are your favorites in the comment below! :)

Lets be friends! 

I'll see you in the next post!! 

I love you, 

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