Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barbie Inspired Look

Hello beautifuls! 

Sorry I have been MIA for these few days - schoolwork keeps coming! Once I get done with one, then the other one comes. Anyway, back to the purpose of this post.. today's look is inspired by Barbie! I thought it was a good idea if you plan to transform as a Barbie for Halloween, or if you have not planned yet what you're gonna be for Halloween, then you can be a Barbie! :) 

So, today's look is using bright colors of eyeshadow (of course pink is included!). I use Coastal Scents 88 Palette. Like its name, the palette contains 88 eyeshadows - from natural, bright, and smokey colors. If you do not have it yet, I highly recommend to get one! Plus, it is affordable too! 88 high quality eyeshadows for only $18.95. You only can get it online, click here to purchase. 

Ok, lets move on to the tutorial!

Products used:

MAC Eyeshadow in Nanogold (limited edition, but use any gold shimmer color from the palette)

steps by steps

For the face and lips:

The finished look

As I posted this post, I thought why did not I use all the eyeshadows from the palette? Well, at first I did not think that I was gonna be using the palette. So, I started using MAC products, then I needed a hot pink eyeshadow. From there, I started to realize, why didn't I use the palette from the first place? 

So, if you do not have these MAC products I was using, no biggie! Because the palette covers it all! :) 

Now, lets put your Barbie costume on! Or actually just wear any party dress that looks princessy!
Hope you like the look! 



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