Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Fave: Benefit Sugarbomb Blush

Hello my beautiful readers! 

In the past couple of weeks, I have been using the same blush over and over again, and that is Benefit blush in Sugarbomb. I owned this blush for quite a long time actually. The first time I tried on my cheeks, I did not like it at all. I felt it was not pigmented enough, it was just not satisfying.

However, the last two weeks, I put it on again, and OMG! I don't know why it suddenly became the most beautiful blush ever! 

It consists of four different soft colors: pink, peach, nude, and purple. But, when you put it on, it creates a natural, beautiful glow on your cheeks. It won't look too pink or too coral, it was just the perfect shade, especially for to go blush. 

The best thing of this blush is the coverage is buildable. The first coat you put on, you will barely see anything. The second one, you will get a subtle glow. The third one, you will see a bit of color and its glow. Usually I put on three to four coats (four coats even still do not look like it's overdone!) 

The blush has no shimmer, but it has a satin finish. I think this is where the glow comes from. 

I apply it with a blush brush, of course. My favorite blush brush is MAC 109. It actually comes with the brush, but I never use it. I don't recommend it though.

Smile, then apply it onto your apple of your cheeks. 

You can purchase it at your local Sephora, or buy it online. The downside of this blush is kind of pricey, it is $28. 

This product I purchased it with my own money. Benefit did not sponsor me to do this post at all. 

Now tell me, what do you think of this blush? will you purchase it?


Photo source is from here.

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