Friday, July 13, 2012

Layering your Skin Care Routine

Hi loves! I bet you are using several different skin care products for morning and night, but do you use them in the correct way? In this post, I am gonna teach you how to use them in correct way (well you might have known because if you use your products in the correct order, they will give a better result for your skin.

1. Cleanse 
In the morning, use your cleanser to wash your face. I like to do it in circular motion until it lathers for about 60 seconds. If you are in a hurry, 30 seconds is acceptable as well. Just don't wash it too fast because cleansing is the most important part to keep your skin clean! If your skin is clean and fresh, next other products will work better. Before you wash your face at night, use makeup remover wipes to wipe off your make up (if you have any) because a cleanser won't remove all dirts and makeup 100 percent although your cleanser said "remove any makeup."

2. Exfoliate 
Exfoliate means removing all the dead skin with a more 'harsh' cleanser. I said harsh because it contains beads to scrub the dead skin, so you can't do it everyday. I only exfoliate once a week. Do this for about 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Mask 
I do face mask two to three times a week. I try to do it three times a week, but I usually end up with one or twice :( Anyway, face mask works well when your face is clean because the mask will actually go to your skin to clean up the pores, so of course you don't want the dirt go back to inside your face ;)

4. Toner 
So many people skip toner (including me back then), but now I can't live without it. The reason why is because most of toners contain alcohol and it can sting your skin, but now there are so many non-alcohol toner that you can get, usually at natural grocers or maybe even whole foods! Anyway, the reason why toner is important is to keep your pH balanced and to prep your skin for next products.

5. Serum 
Serum is not moisturizer! Many people have mistaken on that. Serum is a more concentrated product. So for example, if your skin's concern is aging, then you want to find an anti-aging serum. If your skin concern is acne, you want to find acne serum to get rid of your acne or to prevent them, etc. Usually serum is more lightweight than your moisturizer.

6. Moisturizer 
After all the products are applied, now it is time to lock them up! Sometimes cleanser, toner, etc can dry up your skin, so moisturizer is super important! Imagine if you are thirsty and you don't drink water, you'll feel dehydrated right? Well same as your skin.. If you do not moisturize it, it will get dehydrated hence you'll get dry, patchy and dull skin. In the morning, I like to use a more lightweight moisturizer with SPF, and at night, I like to use a heavier moisturizer without SPF in it. Don't sleep with SPF because they can clog your pores. People usually call night moisturizer a night cream, but if your morning moisturizer has no SPF, then you can use that for night as well. If you are doing makeup in the morning, a moisturizer actually helps to achieve a better result on your makeup. It makes your foundation glides on smoother and makes your face look fresher (just don't forget to remove it at night, hee hee).

I feel guilty posting this for you because some of you might have known these steps, but hey.. what about for those of you who haven't known these yet? I hope you find this post useful! :)

What is your skin care routine like? Are you guys interested in my skin care routine? Like what products I am using, how do I use it, etc... Let me know in the comment below! 

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  1. My skincare routine is pretty much the same as yours..

  2. Your blog is so helpfull for me:)
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    xx Marianne

  3. This is so informative, this is great advice to anyone just starting out in skincare! So important in which order you apply it in and layering is such a great way to get the most out of your skincare routine! I use this routine.

    i have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, please visit my blog for more details! Laura xx