Monday, January 30, 2012

Haul: Sephora Vol. 2

Hello all the beauties out there! :) 

Yesterday I asked you on Twitter, which post would you like to see first? Some of you responded with a haul post! You answered, I listened, so here you go! (follow me on Twitter if you have not @alexandrauby)

All these items were purchased by my own money, Sephora does not send me anything, it does not even know me :p I purchased these through its website

I know I got a quite a few things, but I think I would end up returning some of them. First is the HD Primer from Make Up For Ever in Neutral. LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer. I will write a review post about this more in depth because this little baby deserves its own post! (Click here for the review). But seriously, this is the best primer I have ever used! The downside of this is the price, $32. However, you get a big bottle and I am pretty sure it will last for a long time. 

Next is the latest product of Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF 35 ($39). I got it in Light, and it is supposed to moisturize, prime, perfect and control oil all in one step. I will also post a review on this product, but let me tell you.. unfortunately this is not as exciting as the primer :( I might return it soon. (Click here for the review)

The third thing that I got is the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum ($28). It is basically a lash primer - you put it on your lashes right before you put on your mascara. I have used this for a week, and I can see that my lashes are more curled, thickened and lengthened as if right now. The hyaluronic acid molecules formula has plumping properties and its ingredients help stimulates lash growth as well. This is also perfect for amplifying mascara effects and optimize hold. If you have had a thick, long lashes, you definitely do not need this. :) 

Next is a new waterproof eyeliner from Urban Decay called Perversion ($18). It is a really deep blackest black, even deeper from Zero. I personally do not like Zero, but I love Perversion. Zero does not stay on my waterline for a long time, but this one stays for forever! It is also creamier than Zero. I will also write a review about this baby! I will be demonstrating it with water and comparing it with Zero. Looking forward to that! :)

I bought this Sephora Pore Perfection Kit  ($18) because I honestly only want the cleansing pad, which is only $5! They do sell the cleansing pad separately, but I don't like the color! :( So I was thinking, lets buy this kit so that I also can try all the tools. Well, I end up only like the cleansing pad. What I do just wet the pad, and put my cleanser on it (I am currently using Fresh Soy Cleanser). Then, just gently use the pad on your face with a circular motion. OMG guys, this really makes my skin so clean and radiant. I really can see the difference right after I finish washing my face. It has tiny bristles that help to invigorate the skin and effectively clean pores. The bristles are so soft, so you can use this every day to help you exfoliate and soften your skin. I have tried the face brush, but oh boy.. the brush are so rough it hurts my skin! I directly discontinued using it. It also comes with a double-ended blemish extractor. I honestly never extract my whiteheads or blackheads before, and I am afraid it will leave acne scars. So, I decided to stay away from it. 

Last thing is not a makeup product, but a hair product! One thing about me, I never dye my hair. My hair is naturally black. The reason why is because I am afraid the chemicals will ruin my hair and that's not gonna be fun. However, I always wanted to dye my hair though. Maybe someday... . Anyway, back on this last thing. It is a One Night Highlight from Alterna. I got it in Shimmering Blonde. So basically it has temporary color mousse, and you apply it onto dry hair starting at the roots a section at a time. That's it! The color will go off when you wash your hair the next day. So it is a really easy apply highlight. I thought this product was really interesting, so I decided to try it out. But now I kind of hesitate to do it. Ughh this is a weird side of me. The box comes with the highlights with the brush, a bamboo shampoo and a conditioner. It costs $29. 

So, thats what I got. I hope you enjoy reading it. I will definitely return the Smashbox BB Cream, and I am still in doubt whether to try the one night highlight because it says that the blonde highlights will show on light brown hair, but I have black hair. I don't think black hair would match with blonde highlight. I don't know.. what do you guys think? They do sell it in Sweet Caramel, so I might exchange to that instead. I think my brain did not work when I ordered this, why did I order Shimmering Blonde? :\

Hope you all have a great day! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@alexandrauby), and subscribe to this blog! :) 

lOve always, 


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