Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monthly Fav: January

Yes, that is me in my pajama and no makeup! haha!

Hey everyone! 

Basically in "Monthly Fav," I am gonna be telling you what products what I have been using and ended up loving it during the related month. So, for example, this post is going to show you what beauty products that I love throughout the January, and I have been using it nonstop. I will be posting Monthly Fav in every end of the month. Get it? Alright, so lets get started! :) 

You guys all know I have been nonstop talking about these L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadows (I even made a two posts for this. Read here for the first one, and here for the second one). Seriously, I have never been impressed by drugstores eyeshadows, but these babies are different. They are really good quality eyeshadows. The colors are so intense and long wearing. I got them at my local CVS for $7.99. But different places different prices, Walmart sells the cheapest! The pictures above are:
 Up: Iced Latte and Sultry Smoke, Bottom: Continuous Cocoa and Amber Rush. 

Two years ago, I was a fan of this kabuki brush by MAC (MAC 182). Then, I lost it so I repurchased it again. However, I then felt in love with powder puffs, so I had been using powder puffs since then and forgot this little baby. Now I am back to it again! This kabuki brush really gives you a nice, flawless finish of your makeup. I use this to apply powder, then I just buff it onto my face in circular motion. The downside of this brush is the price. It is $49.50 :( 

I never trusted drugstores foundation before because they never have testers on the counter. So it is like a guessing game which one will match with your skin tone. I hate guessing game! Anyway, my skin gets really dry during winter. No joke, my skin was flaking. Cream foundation is better than liquid foundation when you have dry skin. I do have cream foundation from Bobbi Brown and Eve Pearl, however, those make my skin breakout! So, I came across this COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless cream foundation in Classic Beige. When the first time I applied it on my face, I was like.. WHATTTTT!!! It has a full coverage until it can cover all my imperfections, but this foundation will not make you look cakey. This foundation is actually meant for covering fine lines and wrinkles, but I don't have those (yet). But it does a great job on covering blemishes and redness, and it feels so silky and makes my skin looks really smooth. I have been using this since the beginning of January and never go back to my old foundation, even one time! I apply it with a foundation brush like Sigma F60. You can find this foundation at any drugstores, I got it at CVS for $13.99.

I have been using this concealer palette from Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Set from the same day as the COVERGIRL&Olay Simply Ageless foundation. They really fit when are used together. This concealer is so creamy and has medium coverage, but you can build it up how much coverage you want. I got it at Target for $9.99.

I picked this powder foundation from Bare Minerals at Sephora was because I did not own a powder foundation, so I wanted to try it out. Also, I heard mineral makeup is better for skin. There were two kinds of Bare Minerals powder foundation: the original SPF 15 and the matte SPF 15. I picked out the original in Light because my skin is already dry, I do not want to look flatter. If you have a lot of blemishes like me, this thing won't do anything for your skin. It is really for those who have a great and clean skin, and just need a quick make-up application in the morning. So, I use this as my powder to set my foundation and concealer and it works wonderfully. I apply it with MAC 182 (the kabuki brush I mentioned before). 

I purchased this Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Pink Please a long time ago! I even did not remember when was the last time I used it. I was looking for a lipstick, and came across this baby. So, I picked it up, applied it onto my lip and I am in love! I directly put it on my purse and became my everyday lipstick. As you can see in the swatch picture above, the color is not too pink - it has a hint of coral in it. Very pretty! I got it a Walmart, but I could not remember how much it was. I know it was affordable!  

Not only my face gets dry, my hands are even worst! Now my face is not that dry anymore, but my hands keep drying and drying. It is really frustrating! So, when I went to Bath and Body Works with my friend, this hot pink tube really attracts me (hot pink is my favorite color FYI!). Even better, it is a hand cream! It is from True Blue Spa Super-Softening Hand Lotion - Look ma, New Hands. So, I tried it on my hand with the tester, and it hydrates my hand in one second. I swear! I purchased it for $12. My hands are still dry, but I will apply this directly onto my hand and it will save me! 

Last thing is not a beauty product, but I thought it would be fun to show you. I love Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Fragrance, but I kept purchasing the same scent, which was Sweet Pea (it is still my favorite though!). So, I wanted to change the scent and now I love the Fresh Cotton smell! If you like Fresh Cotton too, leave in the comment below! Each Wallflower is $6.50, but if you buy four, it will cost $20. Even better, if you buy six, it will cost $24. 

So, that's it my January favs. What are yours? Leave in the comment below! 



  1. omg casey and i've been buying sweet pea everything (from room fragrance to body lotion) since we discovered it last year!! now it's hanging on my living room wall yayy~ i love your blog btw!! :D

    1. Haha you should try Fresh Cotton too! I used Sweet Pea for like years and years and never changed. Fresh Cotton is so refreshing and the scent is very settled ;) Thank you for loving my blog! Become a member pleaseeeee.... ;)

  2. Alexandra, aku juga suka CG olay simply ageless, one of my fav foundation. Anyway, classic beige match untuk nc berapakah?

    Please visit Thx u :)