Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

Hello everyone! 

It is a review post today! Who miss it? ;p I decided to switch things up a little bit, so that I won't keep posting tutorials, but also beauty products reviews. I am also thinking to post more haul posts because I honestly one had one haul post before. The reason why is I do not want you guys think that I am bragging about what I bought, but you like haul post, please leave in the comment below! :) 

WHAT: As the title says, today's post is for a concealer palette from Sonia Kashuk called Hidden Agenda. It is basically has three shades and a translucent powder. 

WHERE TO BUY: I bought it at Target (click to buy) for $9.99. I have been wanting to buy this palette, but it is always sold out! Even when I got it, it was only one left at the counter. So, after you read this review and you like it, go ahead and buy it when it is available!

HOW TO USE: Most people use concealer on top of their foundation, that what I was used to do. However, since I owned this concealer palette, I figured it works best when I used it before the foundation. I use a small concealer brush like Sigma F70, and since there are three different shades, I only use two of them that match with my skin tone. Here are the few steps I do: 

1. Get your concealer brush, the smaller the better because it concentrates more in the area you want to conceal and the brush is more packed. 
2. I take shades number one, and place it on my acne/blemishes, redness, dark circles under my eye. 
3. Since shades number one is kinda too light for me, I take shades number two and place it right on top of the shades number one. This will give me a perfect color match. 
4. After all imperfections are covered, I apply my foundation, focused more on the parts that I put concealer on to get more coverage. 

WHY I LOVE IT: This concealer palette is an almost full coverage concealer. It covers all the imperfections really well. The more you apply it, the more coverage you get, so it is a really build-able coverage concealer. Ten dollars for this palette might sound too pricey, but I think it is worth the price because you get multiple shades and a translucent powder, and it is a high quality products. 

WHAT I WISH FOR: Well, since I only use two shades of the palette, I do not know what to do with the third shade. I almost hit the pan for the two shades I always use, so it will be such a waste if the third one is not used :( So, I wish Sonia Kashuk came out with more palettes, like for light, medium, and dark skin. ;) 

RATINGS: I give this 4.5 out 5 ratings. 

WILL I PURCHASE IT AGAIN?: Definitely will! 

So, what do you think of this palette? Have you tried it out? If you haven't, will you buy it? 

That's it for now! Oh btw, I have so many posts coming up soon! Give me your requests! You can always tweet me @alexandrauby :) 


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