Monday, December 5, 2011

Red Eyeshadow

Hey'all beautifuls!

As the title above says, red eyeshadow. Relax! I do not mean bloody vampire red eyeshadows, but this is a pretty rosy red eyeshadow, and it is so wearable and absolutely pretty! 

I use a duo eyeshadow from NARS fall collection, called Grand Palais. If you want to look fabulous this fall without using the same browns eyeshadows, then you have to get this. But you gotta be hurry because this is a limited edition product, and you can get it here for $33. 

Products Used

Steps by Steps 

Finished Look

What's on my face
Eve Pearl HD Pressed Powder

How do you guys like the look? Will you guys try it out? Let me know!


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