Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Basic Things to Bring as a Make-up Artist

Hello everyone! 

This post is going to be different from other usual posts. If you are going to a make-up artist, or just simply are going to do make-up for someone else, then I will tell you what essential things you need to bring as you go! :) 

Of course, these stuffs are the basic or the important ones. If you want to bring other stuffs, or add more stuffs, of course you can! Just make sure you have space for that :) 

Disposable tools are essentials as you do make-up for someone. I know it sounds like non-environmental friendly, but it is all about being hygiene. I know there is no disposable make-up brushes yet (or maybe there is!), but do not forget to wash your brushes right after its application, or always use clean brushes. There are so many kinds of "fast dry" brush cleaners. Not only they clean the brushes, but they also kill the bacteria! How great is that? 

First, you need a mixing palette. Sometimes a mixing palette is hard to get, it is not sold in beauty stores like Ulta or Sephora, at least in my town. I have to go online to find it. However, Stilazzi comes with an amazing idea to create these disposable mixing palette. 

You might thing why do you need a mixing palette? Well, for the sake of being sanitary, you do not want put anything on your hand, then apply it to your client right? Even though you have washed your hand before, you still do not know how clean/dirty your hand is. 

Stilazzi's disposable palette comes with three packs and are really affordable [12"x9" ($7.95), 9"x6" ($5.95), 9"x4"($4.95)]. You can get all three for $16. Each pack contains 40 of wax paper sheets. Basically what you do is just take out a sheet, then just put whatever in there! Mixing foundation colors, lip colors, pigments, etc. Anything you can think of! :) Once you are done with the sheet, just throw it, and you can start the fresh one for next. :)

Second is disposable sponges, wedges in particular. Wedges can be used in many kinds of ways: apply foundation and concealer, even out the foundation, or they can even help you to apply concealer too! Click here for the tutorial on how wedges can help you to apply mascara on your lower lashline. 

I love the Stilazzi's disposable sponges because they are infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which are good for skin! Also, it is really low price. Basically it comes with one rectangle that you can break it into eight sponges. One rectangle costs $1.75 only! (1 Dozen for $21, click here to buy)

Lastly, you need disposable powder puffs, mascara wands, and lip brushes. Personally, I use loose powder everyday, and I love to apply it with a powder puff. I am honestly in between of loving and hating of Stilazzi's disposable puffs. I love it because it is really soft and flexible, and it is really low price too. Each puff is $1.75 (click here to buy), and $15 for a dozen (click here to buy). However, I wish it could be more "puffy." I feel inside the puffs are almost empty, so it is not enough puffy, and hence it is a little bit difficult to apply powder evenly. 

Disposable mascara wands are so important! You know that you have to throw your mascara every three months, don't you?;) If you use the same mascara to your clients, you need to use a disposable wand to apply it to them because you do not want the bacteria from your old wand transfers to your clients. Using the same wands to different people over and over again can get them eye infections.

Stilazzi's mascara wands are really low price, too. For 25 wands, you can get it for $5.95. The brushes it really big too, and it can gives you more volume on your lashes. 

Disposable lip brushes are as important as disposable wands. Same theory, you do not want to apply lipsticks directly to other people's lips because it is not hygiene at all. Also, using lip brushes might take longer time than from the tube, but it can give you more precise and smooth application. 

Stilazzi's lip brushes are also $5.95 for 25 brushes. Good deal, eh? :) 

I am also doing a tutorial using these tools. It will be up soon! 

All these tools that I mentioned (or are in the pictures) were sent to me by Stilazzi. Stilazzi wanted me to review these products and to give the most honest opinion. I do not get paid for these reviews at all. All opinions are on my own. 

So, how do you guys like this post? Let me know if you want me to keep doing it. Happy holidays! 


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