Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette

Hey beautifuls! 

Here comes a product review again! Okay first of all, let me ask you a question. Among all of you, the beautiful readers, who does not recognize NARS blush in Orgasm? I know its name it is so R-rated, but it is number one selling blush! and in fact, I love this blush! 

One of NARS' popularity comes from its pretty, high-pigmented blushes. I love the eyeshadows, but it is so expensive and it creases a little bit. But I still love it (my goal is to collect all of the colors, haha). 

So, NARS just came out with a blush palette called "Danmari All About Cheeks Palette." How cool is that? It contains four blushes, one bronzer, and one highlighter. The case is sleek and compact, perfect for travel!

Hungry Heart is the highlighter of this palette. I never try NARS highlighter before, but I know Albatross is the most popular one. Hungry Heart is goldish yellow color. I can see how it will be a perfect highlighter. This is great for any skin tone colors :) 

Casino is a bronzer. This has been my favorite after Laguna. It is not shimmery, and it is pretty dark. So if you have a fair skin, be carefull not to take it too much at a time. Try to build up the color. 

Orgasm, what can I say about this number one selling blush? It is a peachy pink with gold shimmer in it. So so so pretty!!! If you only want to purchase this separately, click here

Super Orgasm is almost exactly like Orgasm, but it has gold glitters in it. It gives you more shimmer on your cheeks! 

Desire is a bright fuschia pink. It is a dupe for Smashbox blush in Radiance. It is a matte blush, no shimmer at all. Since it is a bright color, be careful when you are applying it. Don't take it too much at one time. 

Sin is probably my favorite after Orgasm. It is a berry with gold shimmer. The color is really unique and so pretty! It probably looks scary because it looks purple in the picture. But seriously, when you apply it, it looks really neutral, and does not look purple at all! 

The downside of this palette is the price. It costs $65. However, a full NARS blush costs $27. So, $65 for six? Not bad, right? And since Christmas is coming, you can add this to your wishlist! :) 

This palette goes out pretty quickly! I got mine at my local Sephora. I have to go there twice to get on my hand. But it is available online! Click here to purchase. 

Hope this is useful for you all! Ask me a request or questions! Leave in the comment below! 


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