Thursday, June 14, 2012

The cutest, yet so crazy, iPhone case!

Hi loves! I think I am just obsessed with teddy bears. I just got a teddy bear phone case, but WAIT!!! It is not a regular case that has teddy bear on it, but it is the actual plush toy teddy bear phone case!!

I got this on eBay for $25 :( booo!! But yay for free shipping! I was in doubt whether to buy it or not.. because honestly people will look at me in a strange way holding a teddy bear on my ear, haha! or typing on a teddy bear. But who cares right? So I bought it... and I am obsessed with it.

But to be honest with you guys... sometimes I still do not dare to show it to public. I would leave my phone in the car if I do not have my purse on, hee hee. So I don't know about it.. but I just could not resist!

The bad thing is you can't put it in your pocket, and I have to take off my phone to charge it or if I want to turn up or down the volume. It does have a whole for the charging cord, but trust me, I have spent ten minutes but it won't fit. And you actually can set up the volume without taking it off too.. but it would be so much faster if I take it off first and set the volume up. Otherwise, I have to look for the right button with just guessing it! Another bad thing about it is, you know if you have an iPhone, the screen will turn on when you just finish talking on the phone... Well I think this case is blocking the antenna or whatever it is.. So I have to press the home button, and click 'end call' manually. Ohhhh one more thing: you can't take a picture with your back camera! Because this case blocks the lens, and you have to take it off if you want to take a picture, haha.

So basically it has only one great thing which is the cuteness, but it has so many disadvantages. Probably you are thinking I just wasted 25 bucks for nothing, haha. Oh well..

By the way, it also sells Hello Kitty case, Stitch case (blue and pink), Brown Bear case, and Red Cloak Cat case. Who knows you might be interested in these plush toy cases... hee hee. (click here to buy)

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What do you think of this case? Isn't it crazy? cute? Or I am the one who is crazy? Hahaha. Leave in the comment below hun! 


I love you, 


  1. OMG. That's really really cute! But does the teddy hold the iPhone properly without having the fear of it falling out? :/

    1. yeap, there is a metal surrounding it. But since I keep taking it on and off, it kinda loosens up right now, haha.

  2. It's so cute!!! gah, now I want it... lol

  3. Haha that's cute!
    And I have a rilakkuma case too^_^ like yours but mine is hard silicone and it's in two parts and you slide it in to connect it.

  4. Oh my goshie washie.

    This is what I have been looking for all my life :)

    It's just the cutest thing...I love it so much!