Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: GHD Flat Iron

GHD Flat Iron
Hi hunnies (that's your new nickname! heehee)!! Lets put away our makeup, and lets talk about a hair tool today. This is my first review for a hair tool, and I love this baby so much, and of course, I gotta let you know ;)

It is the GHD Classic Styler Flat Iron. First thing first I want to say that this is definitely a splurge item because it is not cheap, but it works really well. I bought mine for $225 at Sephora, but now the price went down to $185. I owned this flat iron for three years and it still works so fine and it has never been a problem before. The reason why I saved money on this is because flat iron is something that I use almost every day, and I want to invest my money on something that has a long life and high quality. So if you like to curl your hair, you might want to do the same thing as I do too because it literally will save your money rather than keep buying it every year.

Like I said, mine is from the classic collections, but it has a lot of different kinds, such as the Classic Collections ($185-$205), Gold Series ($225), Limited Editions ($225), and Vintage Limited Editions ($240).

It is a one inch with ceramic heaters. There is no button for heat settings, but it actually makes it more convenient. It only has ON/OFF button and an LED light. So you turn it on, and the LED light will be turned on automatically. You need to wait for maybe around 20 seconds, and it will make a 'beep' sound means it is ready to use. Even though there is no heat set up, but it is hot enough to straighten your hair. You might see smokes as you straighten your hair, but don't worry! It doesn't burn it, hee hee.

It also has a sleep mode. There was one time I forgot to turn it off because I was rushing to go to school. I was so panicked, but when I went back, my apartment was still there, haha.

Also, I do not know what's in there but I think it was from the ceramic heaters, but it makes my hair shines as well. I do put heat protectant before I straighten my hair, but sometimes I skipped it just because I was lazy. But my hair still looks shiny (not oily!) using this flat iron and without heat protectant.

I like to straighten my hair every time after I shampoo it, and mostly I do not need to re-straighten it the next day. It keeps your hair straight for days! And no matter if your hair got a little bit wet by splash of water, your hair won't back curly or wavy or whatever your original hair texture is.

You can also use the flat iron to curl/wave your hair, but I do not know how to do it! I saw the tutorial, and it looks hard :( But I will try it soon and I will give a tutorial for you after I master it, hee hee.

Overall, GHD Flat Iron does everything for you. Yes it sounds crazy to spend almost $200 on a flat iron, but it will last you a long time! Most importantly, it will give you a better and more fascinating result than a ten bucks flat iron. Again, this is a splurge item, I do not ask you to buy this (trust me, I saved money for months on this). I just recommend you if you were looking for a good quality flat iron, this is the one. I have testedfor three years, and it still works the same :) By the way, it has two years manufacturers guarantee!

Where to buy: Sephora, GHD, $185.

What is your favorite flat iron? Are you guys interested in how I flat iron my hair? Let me know in the comment below! or you can always let me know on Facebook and Twitter too! :) 


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GHD Flat Iron

GHD Flat Iron

GHD Flat Iron

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