Monday, June 11, 2012

Sephora Haul Vol. 5

Hi beauties!! Wow it's been two months since I have done a Sephora haul before. This proves that I don't shop a lot, haha. Btw, I will always let you know what beauty products I got because I know sometimes people like to see what other people got, and I could see you guys love a haul post. So, this is not a bragging post, alright!? Hee hee.

Okay so I went to Sephora and I didn't get that many stuffs.. But they are something that I have not tried on before. So I am so excited to review it for you!

So first thing first is this foundation that I have been wanting to try it since last year! It is the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. The reason why I had delayed buying it because it is so freaking expensive, $55 for a foundation! OMG.... Anyway, I bought this foundation because it is paraben and sulfate free, so it won't break our skin out. It is full coverage and it dries into powder, so no powder necessary. Anyway, review on this coming up soon!! :) 

After getting a new foundation, I need to get a new concealer too! It is Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer ($32). I was recommended by the makeup artist at Sephora, he said that this concealer has an moisturizing ingredient that won't make our breakouts worst. It won't get rid of them, but at least it won't create new breakout. It is a full coverage concealer as well. And of course, more in-depth review on this coming up soon!! :) 

Last but not least is a fan brush by Sephora. I have so many brushes but I don't have a fan brush! Fan brush is good for a light application. I have been using this to replace my blush brush actually.. I use this to contour and to apply blush, and it gives you a more natural look because its light application :) Would you like a tutorial on how I use the fan brush? Let me know! 

So that's all what I got guys! Have you been hauling this month? If you have, tell me what you got! If you haven't, what products are you planning to buy? Lets share! :) 

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  1. Hello Alexandra. Please make a tutorial on how to use a fan brush. I've only seen how people use it briefly but I have never tried it before and I don't know how to myself.

    - May