Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PINK hair

Hi loves! You all know pink is my all time favorite color. Sometimes I am wondering when will I stop loving the color pink.. I mean, will I still be collecting stuffs in pink when I am 50 years old? Hee hee. Anyway, today's post is related to pink, and I want to 'show off' my pink hair strand. I did it at my salon and the hairdresser bleached it first and put a pink on it.

No. I am just kidding. Haha.

Well, you can fake a pink hair strand right now, why would you damage your hair by bleaching it and coloring it? LOL.

Let me introduce you Sultra Clip-In Hair Extension! By the way, this is not a sponsored post, Sultra does not even know I exist, haha.

I got it in Ultra Pink, which is a regular hot pink. They have several solid colors like softer pink, blue, teal, purple, orange, and peach, but they also come in cheetah pattern! I pick the solid color just because I want to look more natural on my hair, like I want people think I got it done at a salon! Hee hee.

The best best best thing about this clip in hair extension is it is 100 percent human hair! Which means you curl it, straighten it, style it, however you wanna do it. It is so easy to clip in and clip out too, and the hair seriously blends with my real hair, it really looks like my own hair! Just make sure you cover the clip with your natural hair, so that people won't know if it is fake, hee hee.

I wear this almost everyday especially when I have my hair down, which is most of the time in this case :) My hair is just straight with one color, no dimension, just so boring.. By adding this hot pink hair strand, it really makes it pop and not-so-boring anymore. Especially it is summer now! Get creative with your hair, just don't damage it ;)

You can get it at Sephora for $18, and you get 2 grams of hair extension with 3/4 inch wide x 14 inch long.

What do you think of this product? Yay or Nay? ;) Let me know in the comment below! You can always contact me through Facebook and Twitter too! Send me your requests! 


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  1. Love the hint of pink! It goes well with your hair color.

    This reminds me of the Sultra feather hair accents ( that I own.