Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May MyGlam Bag

Hi loves!! My May MyGlam Bag has arrived and it is time to show it to you all. If you do not know what MyGlam is, it is basically a monthly subscription ($10) and every month you'll get different bags fill up with deluxe samples of beauty products. Sometimes they give out full size too!

I posted status on my Facebook yesterday telling you that this month's bag was not that exciting. None of them is my favorite :( I am pretty sad about it. A lot of people has recommended me to try Birchbox and Glossybox. What do you think of them? Let me know in the comment below!

So lets get through this month's bag!

I love the design of the bag, I think it is pretty cute. The bag feels as soft as silk with hot pink lips on it. Cute! 

The first thing is a sample of Philosophy fragrance called Love Sweet Love. I am not a fan of fragrance, I never use one really. But for your records, this fragrance smells pretty good actually, it is more to the fruity scents, but it is also flirty at the same time :) 

Second thing is a instant manicure strips from Miss Beauty Nail Bling - it is just like nail stickers where you just stick it into your nails. Actually this one is a pretty nice one if you are into manicure. You can just apply it in one finger as your statement nail and it will glam up your entire nails. There are 20 pieces inside, so it is a pretty decent amount of stickers! 

Next one is a full-size of Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Salsa, which is a red vampy shade. I don't have this kind of color in my lipstick collection, so it is good to have one. It says that it contains hyaluronic acid and folic acid, which can moisturize your lip, as well as vitamin B to plump up your lip. I have not tried this one out yet, so I have no clue if it really does its job or if it is long wearing. But of course I will give you guys an update on this! :)

Last but not least is of course the MyGlam brushes! I think they will include brushes on each month bag until we collect all of them, hee hee. So this month's brushes are a concealer brush, which is the larger one, and a defining eyeliner brush for the smaller size one. Since the bristles are dense and tapered, you can use them to apply cream eyeshadows or even a lipstick. So they are pretty versatile and I always love the pink handles! :) 

So what are your thoughts about May Glam Bag? Should go on or move on? LOL. Let me know in the comment below! And please add me as your friends on Facebook and Twitter! :) 

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  1. This bag was meh for me but I did see a lot of people enjoy it. These are the final brushes :(

    1. Ohhh they are?? Yeahhh I am very disappointed of this :(

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