Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Perfect Pink Pout (my favorite lip combo!)

Hi lovelies! I want to do a quick share with you all about these two lipsticks that I always use them together as a pair, and I have used it for maybe straight five months. If you see my tutorials and I have a pink lip, those might be the lipsticks that I am going to show you in a moment. I swear to you that I don't use any other lipsticks these past few months, so of course I have to share with you about my new obsession! :)

The first lipstick is from MAC called Creme d' Nude, and the other one is from Maybelline Color Sensational called Pink Please. I am not sure if Pink Please is still available because I bought it maybe two years ago, but you still can buy it at Amazon! :)

MAC Creme d' Nude is a peachy beige nude with cremesheen finish, so it is really creamy and goes on smooth, whereas Maybelline Pink Please is a pale pink, almost like soft salmon color. These two lipsticks are so pigmented, and if you have a quite pigmented lip like me, they will really change up your whole look. I also mentioned before that lipstick is not my favorite product because I don't feel like it is long-wearing on my lip. However, whenever I wear this pair of lipsticks, it lasts for me two to three hours without any touch-up.

Basically what I like to do is to apply MAC Creme d' Nude first, then Maybelline Pink Please on top of it. But sometimes I switched the order, but I like if MAC Creme d' Nude is applied first. I always wear lip balm before I put on any lipsticks, so that the lipsticks will glide on smoothly.

You really don't have to use the exact products I use. You can find a nude and a pink lipstick everywhere. Just try to find a nude lipstick with a hint of beige/brown, and for the pink, try to get a darker pink, like hot pink or peachy pink, because light pink usually has a blue undertone to it, so the result won't look as good as if you use darker pink shade. Once you get these two shades, you'll be able to create the perfect pink lip ;)

p/s: I left them in the car for a few days, and now my Creme d' Nude has broken apart :( (because of the weather heat). That's okay... I'll just use it with extra care and gentle when I apply it on my lip, hee hee.

Where to buy: MAC, $14.50 for 0.1oz. Amazon, $2.15 for 0.15oz.

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Left: MAC Creme d' Nude, Right: Maybelline Pink Please

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