Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet my new roommate ;)

Hi lovelies!! Do you remember this post: Is the teddy bear too big or am I too small?  Yeah that giant teddy bear at Costco? Guess what.. One of the teddy bears is lucky and living with me now.

Let me introduce you...

This is TEDDY 
I could not think of any other names. 

No I did not buy it, but I got it as my birthday gift! (My birthday was in May 18th, in case you're wondering, hee hee). 

Teddy is too big, and it is impossible for him to share bed with me because I don't have a king-size bed, hee hee. So he has to stay in my living room instead. Because of his giant size, I can sit on his lap while reading books or on my computer, how fun! 

Anyway, sorry for this super random post, I might have bored you out. Just want to give you an update of my daily life! :p 

Alexandra & Teddy 


  1. Aw! Happy belated birthday <3 =) What a nice chair you have haha

  2. aww, so cute....although he is a very big roommate i must say. but it's nice to have useful roommate (sitting on his lap is a useful thing i guess). so congrats to you..and i hope Teddy knows what a lucky teddy he is :)