Friday, May 4, 2012

Overview of My Makeup Vanity!

Hi beauties! I am planning to show you my makeup collection, but I cannot figure out how to show it to your guys. I know it is going to be a super long post, so should I separate it into a few posts? Or do you just want to see a specific collection? Like MAC collection, drugstore collection, foundation collection, etc. Please please let me know if you are interested in it, and let me know on how should I do it. Please note that I don't mean to brag about my stuffs, I just want to share it with you in terms of organization. I collect all of the makeup with my own money that I earned from work. I try not to spend money on eat at restaurants, watch movies at theaters, buying fancy purses, etc because I want to spend my hard work money on something that makes me happy and I am passionate about, which is makeup.

So again, if you are interested, let me know in the comment below. Meanwhile I am going to show you the overview of my makeup collection, and I am going to include on where you can get the drawers and stuffs. So lets get started! :)

So I have my vanity on the corner of my bedroom, as you can see my stuff animals and pillows there, hee hee. I got the table from Walmart, it is a basic desk and I cover it with a pink throw that I got from Target at the one dollar section. The chair is called Computer Task Chair with Tractor Seat, I got it at Walmart as well. Now the mirror vanity is from, and it is called Starlet Vanity Mirror. They have several different colors: white, black and pink. The mirror has six light bulbs and a switch, that allows you to control the brightness. I hang my headbands there, and I wear it when I am doing my makeup so I can blend the foundation and powder into my hair line. 

Next to the vanity is a 10 Drawer Mobile Organizer which I am obsessed of! It has 10 drawers that can hold tons of makeup! If you want the exact same thing, you can buy it at Office Depot, but I don't think they have the pink one anymore, but they still have the white/black/grey. Then, on top of it, I have random stuffs: all my MAC brushes, makeup setting sprays, blotting papers, eye makeup remover, hand sanitizer, etc. By the way, I got the pink tray from Target at the one dollar section again. Who doesn't love that section? ;) 

Last section is this 6 deep drawers that I got last year from TJ Maxx. I really regret that I did not get two of it because this kind of drawers is hard to find. It is made of metal so it is really strong (the 10 mobile drawers is made of plastic), and each drawer has a good width, depth and length that you can store your makeup standing, like liquid foundations, pencil liners, mascara, etc. In some of the drawers, I put desk organization tools like pen holders to separate each things. Then, on top of it I put all my brushes, and small drawers that I got from Target. These drawers were extras, I did not know where I should put all my new makeup. I used to store my makeup in those little drawers and just set them on my vanity.
If you are wondering on how I store my brushes, click here for the how-to! :) 

So that is it guys! Let me know how do you organize your makeup. I am always interested in organizing stuffs because I like to have my stuffs look neat, clean and organized. So please share with us! :) You can comment below, tweet me on Twitter, or message me on Facebook!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! your vanity space is so pretty!

  2. Aww your organizers are so cute!! Maybe you can do a video instead? I think that would be easier ^^

    1. Thanks love! Hmm I don't know about that, but I'll think about it ;) Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. wow, everything is so organized! and i love your vanity, especially the lights! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. I love your vanity table and that ten drawer organizer!


    1. You can use a regular desk for your vanity too! Just cover it with cute sleeves or something like that :) The ten drawer organizer you can get get it at Amazon. It has different kinds :) <3 <3