Monday, May 21, 2012

Sephora 15 Days of Beauty Thrills

Hi beauties!! Just want to let you know very fast that Sephora is having an event called 15 Days of Beauty Thrills. Basically you have a chance to win sweepstakes daily for 15 days. All you need to do is to enter right here, and you should check the site daily to see prizes because they are different every day!

Just FYI, Sephora does not ask me to share this with you, I just found it in my email and Facebook. I think this is a great chance to win cool prizes, you'll never know when your luck is! ;) So, of course I have to share it with you all! And another FYI, today's prize is a chance to win a trip for 4 to Paris to visit the Make Up For Ever Academy. Who doesn't wanna go to Paris? ;)

I just entered a few minutes ago, and it took 10 seconds to do it. All you need is your basic information like names, address, email, and phone number :)

And if you are planning to shop online on today, don't forget to enter 15DAYS in the code box to get a FULL size of Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L (it is a black waterproof pencil liner).

Here's the link to enter:

Happy enter! :)

I also have a MAC Giveaway for you too!!! Click here to enter :)

Please send me your requests, beauties!


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  1. Ah from the moment I saw the ad for the 15 Days of Beauty, and found out they were giving away a new Fiat on top of all the other goodies, I was hooked ( watch at ).  I love how they used "Feel the Beat" by Radio Freq in that ad, that song has been one of my go-to songs for when I'm getting ready to go out for the past year.

    The worst part is I've been signing on every day to go see the different freebies, but then also either buying more stuff, or having mini-panic attacks trying to stop myself from buying things I see when I logon..sigh.