Thursday, May 24, 2012

My current two biggest obsessions!

Hi beauties!!! Today I want to show you two things that I am obsessed with currently, and I think these two will stay on my favorite list for a long time. If you have seen my Target haul post, you might be able to guess it because I got these all from there :)

First is the straw hat!! OMG I do not know why I just found this baby in the shelf. I mean I knew that straw hat existed, but I never thought that I would love it or I would even ever purchase one. I was always skeptical about it. I thought it would look weird on me because not a lot of people wearing it in where I live. But I tried it on, and fell in love. Now I could not stop wearing it, sometimes I even wear it inside my house, hee hee. You can find straw hats probably everywhere because they are so on trend right now. I even found it at some of gas stations, haha. Target and Forever 21 has a lot of good selections of types and colors and they are very inexpensive as well, so go check it out if you are interested :)

Second thing is Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle. I knew this product was launched a few months ago and I am so late to try it out. When it first came out, people were obsessed with it. I was doubt that the color would be pigmented enough to show up on my lip. Well I was wrong. It is very moisturizing, and I love the pigmentation! It does show up on my lip! I only purchased the Creamsicle and I love the color. It is a peachy coral nude, and it suits my skin tone the best. Love love love. You can get these lip butters at any drugstores and they have 13 different shades.
p/s: I will do a separate review on this, and I will compare it with L'Oreal Lip Balm :)

What are your biggest obsessions at the moment? Leave in the comment below!! You can always tweet me or message me on Facebook as well :) 


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  1. That hat looks so cute on you! I'm also kinda obsessed with wearing straw hats, in my case it's straw fedoras. I purchased a few in the streets of nyc and it's been true love ever since!

    1. thank you!! I bet it looks cute on you too! :)