Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: MAC In Extra Dimension Eyeshadows

MAC In Extra Dimension Eyeshadows
Hi beauties!!! I know this post is so overdue because my mind said that I have done this post before. I do not know where it came from, but I looked at my blog archives and just realized I haven't done this post yet. I know I have promised to you all on my MAC Haul post that I was gonna do a review on this, so I really really apologize to you all. MAC In Extra Dimension was a limited edition, but some MAC stores or counters still carry them if they have not sold out yet (or Nordstrom's site!). Anyway, the collection was not too exciting, so I just got two out of ten eyeshadows. It also came with three highlighters but I did not get any of them.

Basically, MAC In Extra Dimension has a new formula that can be used wet or dry. The texture is super smooth but I feel it does not have a good color payoff if you are using it dry. I used Sweet Heat before on my lid, and I swept a few strokes to get the desired color payoff. It is also described that it will last up to six hours, but I feel it starts to fade away after three hours and I even wore an eye primer before. It does not crease too bad though, but the color was not as striking as the first time I applied it.

The two eyeshadows that I got is Sweet Heat and Modern Pewter. Sweet Heat is metallic peach champagne color. Again, it does not have a good color payoff unless you use it wet. Modern Pewter is an olive gold with a hint of silver and grey. It is a very pretty color, and I actually just aimed for this eyeshadow :)

Overall, these eyeshadows are not bad. Even though they look more opaque and pigmented when you use it damp, you can achieve almost the same pigmentation when you use it dry. You just need a few strokes of it. In order to use it wet or damp, just splash a little bit of water or spray it with MAC Fix+ onto your brush, then take the eyeshadows and apply it directly onto your lid. The reason why I like it because of the texture. It runs very smoothly and glides easily. It is not chalky at all, and really gives you a beautiful metallic sheen on your eyes :)

Where to buy: MAC, $20 for 0.07 oz. 

What do you think of these eyeshadows? Leave it or Love it? Please let me know in the comment below! Also, if you have any requests or questions, don't hesitate to contact me at all! Because I love to talk with you all! :) 


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MAC In Extra Dimension Eyeshadows in Sweet Heat 

MAC In Extra Dimension in Sweet Heat

MAC In Extra Dimension in Sweet Heat

Swatch - MAC In Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Sweet Heat

MAC In Extra Dimenstion in Modern Pewter

MAC In Extra Dimension in Modern Pewter
MAC In Extra Dimension in Modern Pewter


  1. gorgeous eyeshadows! I am a new follower.