Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: MAC Blush Pink Tea from Tres Cheek Collection

Hi lovelies!! First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of posts these days. I have been so busy with work and finally I have decided to stay at my current apartment! YAY! I know it might be a simple decision to make, but not for me... So now I am going to try to post more like I used to do! I miss you guys!

Okay, so today's review is one of the blushes from MAC Tres Cheek collection. I think it was released last month, but is still available right now, both online and stores. So if you are interested in the blush that I am gonna be reviewing today, this is the right time to get it ;)

MAC Tres Cheek includes six blushes with all having satin finishes. In my opinion, satin finished blush is the better than matte or shimmer because the texture is soft and it won't accentuate any imperfections you might have like redness, acne, etc. Sometimes when I wear a shimmery blush, my pimples will look more obvious -_-"

The six blushes are Pink Tea (neutral beiged pink), Immortal Flower (bright peach), Full of Joy (lavender), Lovecloud (bright mid-tone pink), Modern Mandarin (red-orange), Peony Petal (bright blue pink).

MAC Pink Tea Blush is a pale pink color with neutral hue and it kinda has a slight greyish tone too. The color payoff is not that good, not as pigmented as it looks in the pan. It takes me three layers on my cheeks to really get the color. If you go to the store to swatch it, you'll see that Pink Tea and Lovecloud are really similar. I took me five minuted in the store to tell the difference. Lovecloud is warmer and could be more pigmented because it is a brighter pink, but don't quote me on that.

I swatched all of the six blushes in the collection when I was at the store, and Pink Tea has the sheerest coverage and the most natural pink shade. The texture is really soft, it applies beautifully and non-chalky. It blends easily as well. I have a pale skin, and Pink Tea really looks natural on my cheeks and not too overwhelming. So if you have pale fair complexion like me and you are looking for a neutral pink blush, Pink Tea is for you. If you have a darker complexion, I think it will take more layering to build up the coverage, it will just give you more work to do.

So overall, I love this blush because it can be go-to everyday blush. It has a really neutral pink that won't look too 'fake' on your cheeks. However, I don't love it because it takes more products to get the color payoff on my cheeks, which means more work to do and more products to waste. It is pretty long-wearing as well, it holds up to six to seven hours. So, if you are a beginner in the makeup world, and in the market for a neutral blush, this one could be for you, because the coverage is sheer, so you can build up its intensity until you are satisfied ;)

Where to buy: MAC, $20 for 0.21oz. 

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