Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Gift from Sigma Brushes!

Hi lovelies!! I recently just re-purchased Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit. You know how much I love these brushes for foundation, I even did a post special for this kit (click here to read). In a brief, I love them because it really blends your foundation beautifully. It does not matter what formula your foundation is - cream, liquid, or even powder, these brushes will do the work giving you flawless finish on your skin.

Unfortunately, the kit that I owned has been really old, I purchased it when it was first released. So maybe it is two years old? I don't remember exactly, but since it is very old, the bristles start shedding like crazy! I have no idea why, but it keeps falling off, so I thought it is time to buy a new one!

The kit that I bought before did not come with Sigma F86 brush (a pointy tapered brush), but now it comes with it. So I am really excited to try it out, and probably will do a review about it.

The reason why I did this post is not for showing or reviewing what I got because I did review them before and I only bought this kit. However, the real reason is they finally have a new free gift! If you are familiar with Sigma, they always give you a free travel sized Sigma E25 brush when you purchase $30 or more. I have purchased so many times at Sigma and kept getting the same gift. So right now I might have two to three E25 brushes, and I have only used one of them until this second. When I opened my package this morning, I was extremely happy that I finally got a different one!

Their current free gift is a travel sized Sigma E05, and it is a synthetic eyeliner brush that is great for creating a defined winged or cat eyeliner. The best thing about it is the handle is hot pink! I love pink, but I love hot pink more! It is like my signature color, haha.

Where to buy: Sigma, $56 (you can purchase the brush individually as well)

I really do not plan that this is going to be a long post. Basically I just wanted to let you know that Sigma has a new free gift, haha. I just love talking with you guys.. that is why I love to post on my blog daily. It feels damn weird when I missed a day without talking to you all! So please please please like me on my Facebook and follow me on Twitter. So that we still can talk to each other when I don't have time to write a post. So talk to you soon? yeah? ;)


Love you! 


  1. I really want these brushes and that's awesome that you received a new free gift!

    1. If you get this brush kit, you'll get the same free gift too! :)