Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How-to: Deep Cleansing Your Makeup Brushes

Hi loves!!

Do you wash your makeup brushes daily? Well if your answer is no, then you have to stick with this post! LOL. A lot of people say that you can deep cleanse brushes once or twice a week, even I heard someone said once a month! I totally disagree with this. Probably if you used powder cosmetics, it is fine to deep cleanse your brushes once a week (but please not once a month). The reason why is because bacteria loves to live in damp places. So if you are using your brushes for applying liquid foundation, bacteria loves to grow in there, whereas powder cosmetics are not wet or damp, so the bacteria will grow longer in the brushes. 

Imagine if you don't wash your brushes prior to your makeup. It is like bringing bacteria to your face, and hence you have acne or pimples. So if you have acne, check if you wash your brushes frequently. 

I don't like to only spot cleaning my brushes, especially foundation brushes. Yes it will probably get rid of the bacteria, but not all of them because the stain will still stick on it. If you do not know the difference between spot cleaning and deep cleaning is, spot cleaning means you use a brush cleaner to clean your brushes and they will dry quickly, whereas deep cleaning means you get rid of the stain as well as bacteria, and you clean it in your sink! So it involves water, and it dries overnight. Spot cleaning your brushes does not use water and it will dry in a few minutes, so that you can directly use your brushes again. 

So today I am gonna be showing you how I deep cleanse my brushes. I will also do a post on how I spot clean them. :) 

All you need is: 
Dirty brushes! LOL 
ANTI-BACTERIAL dishwashing liquid 
Olive Oil/Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
A plate 
Your kitchen/bathroom sink, haha. 

Before I start, let me explain why you need these ingredients. The anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid will help kill all the germs that live in the brushes. So, it needs to be anti-bacterial, don't use regular one. A lot of people use baby shampoo, yes it is great for the bristles, but it does not kill the bacteria. Olive Oil is to condition the bristles, so it will make it softer and stronger. You only need a tiny amount of it. If you use too much, the brushes will be oily to the touch when they are dry. 

A lot of people use this method, so just want to clear up that I found this method by researching online, and it really works! Also you can use a brush shampoo that you can find in the stores. I tried to use them before but honestly they did not remove the makeup and get rid of the stain really well. This method is very cost efficient :)

Now lets get started! 

Steps by Steps

Then lay them down flat in a clean paper towel or a towel. You HAVE TO lay them flat, not standing, you don't want the water flow into the bristles because it will shed the bristles

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  1. omg.... no wonder my face is infested with pimples!!!!!! lol

    1. LOL :) now you know how to get rid of those germs! :)

  2. Nice post, I normally use shampoo to wash my brushes and hair conditioner to make them nice and soft. I might try this instead of using my hair products.

    1. thank you!! I used shampoo before too, but this method will also keep the bristles nice and soft :)

  3. Currently right now I am using Pink Soap from Micheal's. I think I will try out your method I had all the ingredients thanks!

    1. Wow never heard of Pink Soap before! Is there any anti-bacterial agent in it too? :)