Saturday, April 7, 2012

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil Review

Hi all the beauties out there! I mentioned in my last month's How To Remove Makeup Completely that I am obsessed with cleansing oil because it really helps to remove all my makeup, dirt, and any impurities away. I think I now understand why I broke out like crazy before - it was because I did not remove my makeup completely! Usually I only used a makeup remover wipe, then wash my face with a facial cleanser. Apparently, not all cleansers can remove ALL the impurities, whereas they sometimes can strip off your skin (resulting in dry skin) or even after you cleanse your face and feel so refreshing afterwards, it does not mean all your makeup or dirt are removed either. So, the only solution to really get rid of those unwanted things on our face without exfoliating it is to use cleansing oil :)

I never tried to use a cleansing oil before but it came across to me when I was at Sephora. I saw this Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil all the time at the counter but I never thought I'd purchase it. Sephora sells so many cleansing oil from famous brands like Boscia and Philosophy. But, finally I decided to get Josie Maran because I love how natural Josie Maran products are and all of them contain Argan Oil, which is known for a great healthy ingredient to radiant skin and healthy hair.

The Argan Oil "restores the skin's natural moisture and pH balance while nourishing skin cells by replenishing essential fatty acids." In other words, this Argan Cleansing Oil not only can remove makeup and dirt, but also it is an amazing anti-aging moisturizing treatment. This product also contains almonds, safflower seed and grape seed oil that act as antioxidant and will help to renew every layer of the skin. This renewing process is important for me because I need a new layer of skin in order to get rid of my acne scars. I want all those top layers of my skin to go away, and to have my skin renews. However, this renewal process will take a very long time. If you have acne scars like me, all you need to do is be loyal to your products you're using and be patience :)

After I remove my makeup with a makeup remover wipe, then I will use two to three pumps of the Argan Cleansing Oil and gently rub it into my face. Then I will wet my hands with warm water, then rub it again. The box says to massage it into rich milk, so I expected to see kinda white creamy texture, but I never experience that. Even though it is a cleansing oil, this won't make your skin feel greasy, dry or tight. It will make your skin feel moisturized and fresh instead.

After I cleanse with it, I will wash my face once again with my regular cleanser. The reason why I do this is because I want to use my concentrated cleanser for my skin problem, while Argan Cleansing Oil will just help me to really get rid of makeup and any impurities and to moisturize my skin. My skin never gets dry anymore since I used this. I don't know if you remembered, but I ever mentioned in a post that my skin got so dry until it was flaky around my cheeks and lip area, it was horrible. However, after I use this cleansing oil, I never experience dry skin anymore :)

The reason why I really do believe that the Argan Cleansing Oil will leave your skin incredibly clean is I ever tested out by using a makeup remover wipe after I washed my face with it. I was so shocked when I saw the wipe was all clean, no makeup left at all. I even did not remove my makeup with a makeup remover wipe before I cleanse my face with it. So, this proves that it does really say what it does.

The downside of this product is it tastes so bitter. I really did not mean that I tried to drink it, but it gets on my lip all the time and I accidentally kinda lick it when I rinse it off. Even though after I rinse it off and pat it dry with towel, the bitterness will stay on your lip for a few minutes so you'd still be able to feel it. In my opinion, this bitter taste exists because this product is fragrance free and made with all natural and organic ingredients, so I wasn't really surprised and didn't really mind as long as it does a great job on my skin.

Overall, I love this product because of three reasons. First, it leaves my skin amazingly clean and soft. Second, it moisturizes my skin extremely well (bye bye dry skin!). Third, it does not break me out. I have a sensitive skin, which means my skin will act strangely if it does not like any product. In other words, I have acne prone skin and this baby does not make my skin acting weirdly.

Where to buy: Sephora, Josie Maran, $32 for 6oz. 

Have you ever tried to cleanse your face with a cleansing oil before? What is your favorite cleansing oil and why? Please share with me in the comment below. And please be my friend on Facebook and Twitter, I'd love to become your friends! 




  1. Is there a drugstore alternative to this cleansing oil? I really want to try a cleansing oil rather than getting the clarisonic mia.

    1. Hi!! I honestly never see any drugstores cleansing oil. Boscia and Philosophy are cheaper than the Josie Maran one, and they do the exact same things too. They're around $25 and you can get it at Sephora :)

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