Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50 and SPF 35 UVA/UVB

Happy Tuesday loves! Have you seen my Sunscreen 101 post yet? Click here if you have not seen it. Basically I explained to you all the basic things about sunscreen and how important it is to our skin. So today I want to share with you the sunscreen that I have been using for a few years, and how I love it!

The sunscreen that I am using is from IQQU Advanced Sunscreen, and it is available online only. It is a brand from Thailand I believe, but they ship it worldwide. It has three different kinds: IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50 UVA/UVB, IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 35 UVA/UVB, and IQQU Nude Gel Sunscreen SPF 35 UVB. UVA (A=Aging) rays can cause your skin to wrinkle and age faster, and UVB (B=Burning) can cause your skin to tan and sunburn. So, these sunscreens will help you to prevent your skin from aging and sunburn. :)

I do not own the Nude Gel one, but I do own the Advanced SPF 50 and 35. Now, why do I rave about them so much? You know how sunscreen can be so greasy on your skin? This was the reason why I hate wearing sunscreen, and that is because it takes a while for the skin to fully absorb. However, IQQU Sunscreens are non-greasy at all. The best things are non-comedogenic (so your skin won't have acne), and they also do not contain any fragrance or paraben, so it is safe for all skin types!

Because the formula is non-greasy at all, it feels nothing when you apply it onto your skin. Yes, its color is an opaque white, but it almost feels like a heavy moisturizer, but it is really lightweight and not sticky at all. So, when you rub it onto your skin, the sunscreen will gradually turn from heavy to very light. It is like turning from lotion to powdery feeling. Pretty cool, huh? :)

The first time you apply it, you'll have a slight white cast on your face. But don't worry, it will disappear in a few minutes. Like no other sunscreens, these one you can apply it on top of your makeup without ruining it. This is a really clever idea because we need to apply sunscreen every two hours if you are in outdoor for long hours, and we tend to not reapply sunscreen if we have makeup on because we're afraid to mess up with our makeup.

We are all recommended to wear sunscreen at least SPF 15, but these have SPF 50 and/or SPF 35 in it, so your skin will be fully protected from the sun. The main thing why I like it is because it kinda fades away my acne scars. They look less obvious when I have this on and no makeup. Yes you still can see my acne scars, but I see a better complexion on my face. It feels like my face is smoother.

Overall, love love love these sunscreens! I apply it a pearl sized amount after my moisturizer. Then I wait for at least 20 minutes before I go outdoor. It is makeup friendly too! I can just go ahead apply my makeup right after the sunscreen is applied. It won't make you look super white or change your foundation color. Sometimes I use it as a makeup primer as well. So, if you are in a hunt for a sunscreen, this is definitely worth trying.

Where to get: IQQU, SPF 50 $28.99, SPF 35 $26.99. They ship it from Thailand, but it is really fast! They'll ship it the next day after your order is placed, and it only takes 7 to 10 days to get to your house.

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Swatch - IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 35

Swatch - IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 35. When you rub it, it starts to get that powdery feeling

Swatch - IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 35. See how it blends to my skin without leaving a white cast or greasy feeling?

IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50

IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50 

Swatch - IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50 

Swatch - IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50. Again, you rub it onto your skin....
Swatch - IQQU Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50. ...then it blends to nothing :)


  1. this looks like a great sunscreen, but I wonder if it will leave a white cast on my face since my skin tone is a lot darker than yours. I've had this problem with the cheaper sunscreens. Anyways, I love your blog and will be following it : )

    1. Hi love!!! Yes, it will leave a white cast, but it will be absorbed by your skin pretty quickly so that your face won't look 'white.' I found the more you put it in, the longer it takes to absorb because its consistency is pretty thick. So maybe you might want to start with a little bit amount first :) Thanks for following love! <3