Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Hair Care Routine (and all about my hair!)

Hi beauties! I don't want to brag, but I got a lot of compliments about my hair. So I thought I'd like to share with you all how I keep my hair healthy and long! The number one question that I always got is 'how do you keep your hair so long?' and I will always answer the same thing, 'just don't cut it,' haha. I mean that's true though.. Last time I cut my hair was almost three years ago, and the length was probably a little bit above the bra strap. The best trick that I found on how to grow you hair longer is: the more you wash it, the faster it grows. I don't know if it works for you, but every time I am not satisfied with my new haircut (usually it is too short!), I just wash my hair often, and it grows longer and faster.

My hair was layered, and the longest peace has reached my hips. The reason why I did not cut my hair was because I wanted to grow out my bangs. I had bangs for my entire life, and I did not want them anymore. The only way to get rid of bangs is to grow it out. So, I just let my hair grows and I even did not trim it! I know I know it is bad to not trim your hair.. But almost all of the hairdressers I had, they will chop off my hair every time I asked them to trim it. So, I was kind of having a traumatic here. I also heard that the more you trim your hair, the faster it grows. Again, I don't trim my hair, so I can't prove this to you :(

Even though my hair looks healthy both in real life or pictures, but actually it is pretty damaged, haha. I used heat all the time such as flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer. So of course I have split ends, they are not that bad or obvious, but you know.. I just can't get rid of them! Oh to be honest with you guys, my hair falls out a lot. I think because it is too long and 'heavy' for my head, so it breaks and falls, hee hee. (OMG.. as I am writing this, I realize I need to get a haircut).

My hair color is naturally black, like seriously deep black. I always wish to have a brown hair (I want to be a brunette, haha!), so I decided to dye my hair for the first time in my life (click here to read my 'dye my hair' post). I did it by myself at home, and now the color starts to fade away :(

Anyway, that's all about my hair. Let me know if you have any question. Now lets move on to my hair routine...

Honestly, I hate washing my hair as much as I hate doing laundry, haha. I don't wash it too often (I know it is yucky), but the more you wash it, the oilier your hair get. So, if you have super oily hair, that might be because you wash it too often. Try to wash it once every two or three days, I know you might be super uncomfortable with oily hair, but hang on there and the result will be worth it. I wash my hair at least twice a week (sometimes even once a week, haha), so I don't have oily or dry hair, it is just normal, but tend to breakage :( Seriously though.. you'll feel lazy to wash your hair when your hair is long, hee hee.

In the last two years, I applied like 10 hair products after I washed it. I swear... I used this and that. But then I think my face is a bit allergic to the chemicals on the products, so now I am trying to use less products and natural products such as sulfate and paraben free. Here is my routine:

I always change up my shampoo. Right now I am using this Simply U Moisturizing & Smoothing shampoo and conditioner. The best thing about these is it has no sulfate and paraben, and it is cheap compared to other brands. I think these big bottles only cost around $5 each at Walmart, and it lasts me forever! 

I do a hair mask once a week. Right now I am using Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Hydrating Keratin Masque  (drugstores, $7.99) and I love it because it really makes my hair so smooth and shiny! I use the Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner sometimes. It is for deep conditioning you hair so that it will become healthier. I got this sample size from My January Glam Bag, so might as well try it out! I alternate these two products, so if I didn't deep condition my hair, I'd do a hair mask. 

Right after I get off from shower, I towel dry my hair for maybe five to ten minutes. I'd do my skin care routine while waiting for my hair to sit for a while. First, I will apply this Lily of the Desert Organics Aloe Vera 80 Styling Spray onto my wet hair and then followed by Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment. I use the styling spray as heat protectant, and macadamia oil for hair nourishment from my hair being damaged and tangled. 

Then I blow dry my hair with this Helen of Troy blow dryer. I got this for free at Ulta, so I am just gonna use it. I used to air dry my hair, but now it is so long and it takes forever to dry! So I just have to use a blow dryer. I use the concentrator because a lot of people say that it will keep the hair from being frizzy. 

And if I have time, I'd straighten my hair with GHD Flat Iron. I know this flat iron is such a plurge, but I have owned it for three years and it still functions on its best. I am not gonna purchase more flat irons until this one dies! LOL. My hair is not stick straight, but it is naturally pretty straight and has a lot of volume. To be honest with you guys, I don't like big volumized hair. So the reason why I straighten it is to make it more neat and less volume (I don't straighten it until it is super flat FYI, haha). 

So that is all my hair care routine and all about my hair. I think I am going to stick with this routine for the longest time because I'd rather spend my money on makeup than hair products, haha. Do you agree? ;) 

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving comments below! Or you can message me through Facebook or Twitter! :) 

I look forward to talking to you all! 



  1. Great post!! You should do more posts on hair care heheh

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