Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Sunday: Call Me Crazy

Hi beauties! Time for telling you about my inner self that I am a pretty crazy woman, LOL. You guys know I love to shop, I mean who doesn't? You know those little/huge cute fancy shopping bags? I save them, or should I say, I collect them? I only save shopping bags that have good quality and sturdy though.. Yes I do save Walmart/Target/groceries plastic bags, but I reuse them for trash bags, haha.

The reason why I save these little shopping bags is because they can be reused, literally for anything! Getting your lunch box in, delivering something for a friend, carrying something around.. I mean they look nicer than using a grocery plastic bag right?

I used to love shopping at MAC. Not anymore. LOL

Who doesn't love Sephora?

I swear I did not know that I have so many shopping bags until I decided to organize them. I thought I had a half of what I had now. You can see I have so many Sephora bags because I shop there often. I might be able to open my own Sephora store! Haha. Oh and also, these shopping bags were saved for maybe over four years. Don't think I shop at all of these stores only during this year, hee hee.

Also, do you know how some stores give you those gift wrap to wrap your purchase? I SAVE THEM TOO!! I smoothed them out first, then folded them. That way I could reuse it for someone's birthday or special events. They are not dirty or anything, right? So why not save a couple of bucks from buying gift wraps? :)

So the way I organized them is to use the biggest bag to put all the smaller sized bags. Since I have a lot of Sephora ones, I saved them in a separate bag.

What about you? Do you save those fancy shopping bags and the paper wraps? *please say yes so I won't feel bad and I am not alone!* LOL. If you do save them, how do you organize them? 

Share your random thing about yourself in the comment below! It is Sunday, everything happens for random, doesn't it? LOL. You can also share with me on Facebook and Twitter! :) 


Love you much, 


  1. LOL I just had to comment because I do the exact same thing as you hahaha! I save the nice wrapping paper too for the same reason :) I didn't realize it could be dirty until you mentioned it lol! But I hope it isn't too ahaha oh but I definitely can't compare to you...I don't have half as much of the Sephora bags you have ;D

  2. Hahaha I have do same thing, I really have to arrange all my bags! And by the way I love your blog! Cheers from Mexico