Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: theBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette Vol.1 (Photos and Swatches)

TheBalm's Shady Lady Palette collections are one of the most famous products of their collections. It has three Shady Lady Palettes: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3. I do not own all three, but I just purchased Vol. 1 because it was on sale on Hautelook the other day. So, today I am going to be reviewing the Shady Lady palette Vol. 1! :)

TheBalm Shady Lady Vol. 1 contains nine high quality eyeshadows:

  • Caught in the Act Courtney is a shimmery dark brown with gold and green flecks. The color payoff is decent. 
  • Shameless Shana is a medium bronzed brown with no shimmer and has satin finish. It has a good color payoff in one stroke. It feels very smooth as well. 
  • Luscious Lani is a pink beige champagne-y color with satin finish. This is perfect if you want a highlight your browbone without the need of shimmer. 
  • Jealous Jordana is a dark forest green with satin finish, no shimmer. This color is pretty unique, it looks like a dark green in the pan, but when you swatch it, it almost like a very dark teal color with a blue tint. 
  • Risque Renee is a dark blue with purple undertone and has satin finish and a decent color payoff. 
  • Curvy Cami is medium tone lavender shade with shimmery silver. I can see it is a pretty lid color and so perfect for the spring. 
  • Jet-Setting Jennifer is a light gold champagne and almost has that slight frosty sheen but still in the satin side. This is probably my favorite color of the palette because it is such a versatile shade. I use it as my lid, browbone, and inner tear duct color (it will open up your eyes!). 
  • All About Alex is a frosty dark olive green and the color payoff is excellent in just one stroke. 
  • Easy Wheezie is a silverish sky blue with satin finish. It has a good color payoff and runs really smooth. 
If you are familiar with theBalm products, you'd find out that the texture of their products are very silky and smooth and they are very pigmented. All of the eyeshadows of this palette also runs really smooth and feels really soft. They are very pigmented means you do not need to build up the color to get the intensity of the shade. Even for lighter shade like Luscious Lani and Jet-Setting Jennifer, you can see the colors with just one stroke, but if you want them to look really vibrant, you need a few strokes to get more intense colors, especially if you have fair to light skin tone. 

I am also satisfied with the color combination, sometimes an eyeshadow palette only contains all neutral colors or colorful colors. This palette seems to have more colors, but they are very wearable and appropriate especially for the spring! You can create from neutral looks to dark smokey eye with these nine fun shades. The colors are not too boring either, it almost has all the colors you need: green, nude, brown, blue, purple, pink, gold. 

It is housed in a slim cheetah print packaging with mirror inside. It is very lightweight, and also feels good on your hands. And look at the names of the shadows, how fun and creative they are! Especially Caught in the Act Courtney reminds me of the Bachelor TV Show, haha. If you watched the Bachelor, you knew what I meant, lol. Sorry this is so random! ;) 

Overall, I like this palette and if I want to use color eyeshadows, I'll grab this on the first hand, not only because they can give appropriate looks with fun colors, but also they are very pigmented and its texture is very smooth. It is pretty expensive but theBalm's single eyeshadows is $16 for 0.12 oz, so this palette gives you a pretty great deal. 

Where to buy: theBalm, $39.50 for 0.68 oz. 

What do you guys think of this palette? Love it or leave it? Leave in the comment below! And please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. So that we can stay connected! :) 

Love YOU, 

Caught in the Act Courtney

Shameless Shana

Luscious Lani

Jealous Jordana 

Risque Renee

Curvy Cami

Jet-setting Jennifer

All About Alex 

Easy Wheezie 

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