Thursday, April 12, 2012

How-to: Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

Hi loves! Yesterday I was showing you how I deep clean my brushes (click here for the how-to), but it came to my understanding that not every person has time to deep cleaning their brushes daily. I tried to deep cleanse my brushes right after I used them, or at night before I went to bed. However, sadly this does not happen most of the time either due to laziness or not having enough time. So, if I had to do makeup for the next day, I'd just use new brushes and that leads to more brushes I have to wash. 

Deep cleansing makeup brushes requires more time and effort than spot cleansing them. It takes overnight to dry whereas spot cleansing takes seconds/minutes to dry. The thicker/denser the bristles, the  longer the drying process. This happens to synthetic foundation brushes, so I highly recommend to have two foundation brushes on your collection because generally you have to use a clean brush every time you apply foundation on. Like I said on the previous post, bacteria loves to live in damp places. So if you are using cream or liquid foundation, make sure to use clean brushes prior to application! 

So, spot cleaning is good for those of you who are busy everyday and have a few amount of brushes because it is fast to do it and has a quick drying time. However, please don't forget to deep cleaning your brushes at least once a week because spot cleaning will not remove the stain completely and I honestly don't think it cleans the brushes and removes bacteria completely either, although your brush cleaner has anti-bacterial agent in it. 

So lets jump on the tutorial! 

All you need is:
Brush Cleaner (I am using the one from Beauty So Clean). You can use any type you want, preferably the one that is anti-bacterial and it comes in a spray. If your brush cleaner does not come with the spray, you can always go to Walmart or any drugstores or dollar stores to buy a spray bottle for really cheap (around $1), then transfer your cleaner to it.)
Paper towel 
Dirty brushes! 

Steps by Steps

I hope you found this helpful! How do you spot clean your brushes? Do you spot clean or deep clean more? Share with me in the comment below! Follow me on Twitter and be my friend on Facebook, you can send me requests or questions there! You know how I love talking with you guys... :) 


I love you!

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