Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MAC Haul: Tres Cheek, Reel Sexy, In Extra Dimension

Hello beauties! MAC just came out with a huge collection again at one time! It is like three different collections and were launched at the same day. That was quite overwhelming, wasn't it? So I got some products of each collection, I did not get that many, but enough to show and to review for you all! The three collections are Reel Sexy, Tres Cheek, and In Extra Dimension. I got an eye kohl liner from Reel Sexy, a blush from Tres Cheek and two metallic eyeshadows from In Extra Dimension.

So today I am gonna be showing you what I got, but I am going to review them more detail later. I am in the process of testing and reviewing them right now. :)

Lets start off with Extra Dimension first. I got two eyeshadows, they look like cream eyeshadows, but actually they are just powder eyeshadows with metallic finish. I got Modern Pewter, which is like an olive color with a hint of gold, and Sweet Heat which is a gold peachy champagne color ($20 each for 0.07oz). Click here for its review.

Tres Cheek contains six powder blushes, and they have satin finishes. most of them are pink shades and I felt they were kind of look alike. So I picked Pink Tea, which is a pale neutral pink ($20 for 0.21oz). Click here for its review.

Lastly, I picked an eye kohl liner from the Reel Sexy collection called Heirloom ($15 for 0.05oz). It has four eye kohls, one of them is Smolder, which is my all time favorite black eyeliner (it is a permanent product!). So, I picked the color Heirloom because it is the most unique color of all four, and I don't have that kind of eyeliner color yet. It is a bright grey lavender with metallic finish, and I think this is a perfect color for the spring and summer. Click here for its review.

Again, I will do review posts on these products soon! Leave in the comment below on what do you think of these collections. Follow me on Twitter and Like my Facebook page, so that you'll know when I have a new post! :) 


Love you! 

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