Saturday, April 21, 2012

MyGlam Bag: April

My April Glam bag has arrived! The theme for this month's bag is Girls' Night Out. If you are not familiar with MyGlam, it is basically a paid monthly subscription ($10/month), and each month they will send you a bag filled up with sample sized beauty products. I subscribed MyGlam since January, and since then there were so many skin care products rather than beauty products. I was not very satisfied about it. However, this month they are featuring all cosmetic products, but the amount is not as many as previous bag, which I don't mind, as long as I like them and I enjoy using them :)

First is a lip product from DermStore called Lip Quench. It is supposed to soften and smooth your lips if you have dry, chapped lips. You know that I always have dry and cracked lips, and I tried this on, and it is actually really moisturizing. First when you apply it, you won't see the difference, but in the next few minutes, your lips will be smooth and not dry anymore. Surprisingly as well, it has a peachy pink tint to it. I have a really pigmented lips, so the color does not really show up well on my lips. Also, it smells great! 

 The next product is a false eyelashes from All-Belle. I never see this brand before (I think it is a brand from China), and I have never been a fan of faux eyelashes. Probably it is because such as hassle to apply it, but a lot of people say the more practice, the better you are at applying false eyelashes. Yeahh that's true, but I rarely go to any special occasions that requires faux lashes, so I never have a chance to practice! Haha. Places I usually go are workplace, grocery stores, friends' house. HAHA. Anyway, I have a special event today, and I am planning to take the chance to use this lashes. I will show it to you later! :) 

Next is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Junkie. I just went to Urban Decay site to give you the link if you'd like to purchase it, but apparently this liner is not available anymore. I think this shade was from Holiday 2011 24/7 Pencil Sets. Anyway, it is a blue teal with gold and green flecks. 

In the last month's Glam Bag, I got a MyGlam Crease Brush. This month I got two sets of brushes, and they are a flat shader brush and an angled brush. The flat shader brush is perfect to apply eyeshadow onto your lid, and the angled brush is to apply eyeliner or to create a winged eye look. Also, you can use it to fill out your brows too! 

So, that is it I got from April MyGlam Bag. Am I satisfied? Yes. Will I expect to see more products like these? Definitely. I wish they could give us more products though, haha. When I opened it, I was like, "that is it???!!!" LOL. But it is okay.. I am not trying to be selfish. These products are great enough to have it on my collection. 

Do you subscribe to any monthly 'makeup bag'? If yes, which company do you subscribe? If you don't, will you subscribe in the future? Let me know in the comment below! 

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  1. I just signed up for glam bag and I was put on the waiting list for Sample Society. I'm really excited though! :)

    1. Not sure what Sample Society is, but I am glad you are signing up too! :)