Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit

If you see my tutorials, you will see that I am always going to be using Sigma brushes. I love Sigma brushes so much, they really have good quality brushes and are affordable. I am not going to describe how much I love them anymore because I have talked about it before in another post (click here to see my Sigma brushes review and collection).

In the previous post, I said that now Sigma has come with so many kits such as professional kit, precision kit, essential kit, travel kit, vegan kit, and many more! I bought the Premium Professional Kit like probably three years ago, and it includes almost every brushes I need. But then, Sigma came out with Synthetic Kabuki Kit for face, which I ended up purchasing it a year ago (but it was when Sigma has not included Sigma P86 yet). Then, Sigma came out with Synthetic Precision Kit and I bought them last month. The reason why is because I love the Synthetic Kabuki Kit so much because it really gives you a flawless finish when you are applying foundation. So, the Synthetic Precision Kit is basically the smaller version of the kabuki kit, so that you can apply any products with more precise. For example, applying concealer to dark circles under your eyes, blemishes, or any imperfections.

Okay, now lets talk about the Synthetic Precision Kit (sorry it takes so long to get to the topic, haha, hope you could bare with me!). The kit comes with four brushes: Sigma P80, Sigma P82, Sigma P84, Sigma P86. These brushes is to allow makeup application in a more precise way, and they are made of Sigmax fibers for softness and easy application.

  • Sigma P80 (Precision Flat) is a smaller version of Sigma F80. It is dense and has a flat top which can conceal any imperfections. My favorite thing to do with this brush is to apply concealer on my blemishes, then stipple the concealer on that area in order to even it out. Because of the flat surface of the brush, it will help your concealer to cover thing up with a flawless finish. 
  • Sigma P82 (Precision Round) is a smaller version of Sigma F82. It is also small and dense, and it is supposed to mimic your fingertips. So think about what products you usually use your fingertips to apply them. For me, I like to use this brush for highlighting shades in places like cupid's bow, bridge of the nose, and above the cheekbones. I also like to apply colored eyeshadow primer on my eye lid with this brush. 
  • Sigma P84 (Precision Angled) is a smaller version of Sigma F84. It is a small, dense angled brush that is appropriate for contouring your nose. I also like to use this for applying concealer under my eyes and highlighting too (just like Sigma P82). 
  • Sigma P86 (Precision Tapered) is a smaller version of Sigma F86. This is a new kind of brush for me and I figured out that because of the tapered shape, it allows me to apply concealer under my eyes and the side of my nose more precise. In my makeup routine, I like to do my eyes first. So, this brush helps applying my under eyes' concealer more precise without ruining the eyeshadow on my lower lash line. You can also use this brush to apply concealer around the lips to prevent color bleeding. 
Overall, I like this kit, but I do not use it as much as the Synthetic Kabuki Kit. Is this kit a must-have? I don't think so. A small concealer brush (my all time favorite is Sigma F70) can do the same tricks, that's why I do not use it every time I am applying my makeup. But if you love collecting brushes like me, it is good to have these brushes on your kit. Also, I really really recommend the Synthetic Kabuki Kit. It really gives your foundation a flawless finish. I might do another review for this kit, so that you know the differences. What do you think? :) 

Where to buy: Sigma website, $49. You can purchase these brushes separately if you'd like to. Each brush costs $14. 

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Love YOU!

Sigma P80

Sigma P84

Sigma P82

Sigma P84

Sigma E25 (a free gift from Sigma whenever you purchase this kit!)

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