Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Love: MAC Tendertone Lip Balm

Hi loves! Lip balms are my obsession - if I could choose between lip balm and lip gloss, I'd choose lip balm. I have so many lip balms, but they always disappear! Do you experience this too? My all time favorite is Burt Bee's lip balm (the one with honey). If you followed my blog, you know I reviewed so many products the new MAC collection of Shop MAC, Cook MAC and Vera last month. But, one of the things that I did not purchase was the Tendertone Lip Balm and almost every single day I heard people raved about it. So you know what.. as a lip balm lover, I need to try it out.

So I got the one in Hush Hush because that was the only one left at my MAC counter. Basically Tendertones are lip conditioners that give you a glossy look and have SPF 12. It has a fruit scent, MAC describes it as "strawberry-kiwi."The smell of it is quite strong and it tastes sweet. So if you dislike a scented lip balm, this might not be the one for you.

The texture of it is gel-like balm and not sticky. It glides on really smooth and feels so moisturizing. I have a dry chapped lip every single day, that's why I love lip balms so much. I never wake up in the morning and has a smooth lip - that's too impossible for me. However, no matter how chapped my lip is, tendertones dramatically moisturize it and get rid with all the dryness on it. I also tried to wear lipstick after I put on the tendertones, and my lipstick glided on smoothly and looked really nice on my lip. This is a plus plus for me because sometimes the lipstick on my lip still looks rough and my lips looks chapped on top of my lip balm, but the tendertones won't do that.

Usually after my regular lip balms wear off, my lip is back to dry. However, for tendertone, even though it wears off after one or two hours, my lip actually still feels smooth and moisturized, less dry as well. Another benefit is it feels good and hydrating when it's applied. I seriously see the dramatic difference on my lip right after I applied it. In addition, it is a shimmery lip conditioner so it gives you a little extra oomph on your lips.

The tendertones have a hint of color but barely noticeable, except the Hot 'n Saucy, which is a bright cherry red. The colors are really sheer; Hush Hush is a sheer orangey gold with gold flecks. Probably the only downside of this is it's packaged in a glass jar, just like MAC Paint Pots are. A lot of people prefer it is in a squeeze tube because it is more sanitized and you do not need to use your fingertip or a brush to apply it, and plus it is easier to carry around. I personally do not mind the packaging as long as it gives me the absolute benefits and it is comfortable to wear.

Overall, I love this product and I wish I could get more of the shades! But they are all sold out whether on the website or stores. FYI, this product is limited edition and repromoted from a few years ago. So, if you can get this on hand, you are lucky!! :)

Where to buy: MAC stores, MAC counters, MAC website (all sold out), $15 for 0.2oz.

What is your all time favorite lip balm? I'd love to know because I am a lip balm junkie ;p. Let me know in the comment below, tweet me or post on my Facebook wall! :) 


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Love you all! 

BEFORE - see how chapped my lip is... yuckkk

AFTER - yayy back to smooth lip! 

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