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Skin and Hair Miracle: OLIVE OIL!

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Hi beauties! So today I wanna talk a little bit about olive oil. How is it good for skin and hair? And why is it such a beneficial product?

I have believed in olive oil for a few years now because a lot of people have been talking about how good it was. At first I kinda hesitated to try, I mean.. olive oil for your skin? are you serious? isn't olive oil for cooking? LOL.

So, why is olive oil one of the best beauty secrets?
When I browse through the ingredients of natural skin care or hair care at the stores, olive oil is usually included as one of the formula. Olive oil, or extra virgin olive oil itself is hypoallergenic and providing strong antioxidants like Vitamin A and E that can help repair and renew skin from environmental toxins and sun damage. In addition, antioxidants have these powers to stimulate cells and renew the skin into a firmer, healthier and smoother skin.

Olive oil for the skin 
The main benefit of having olive oil on our skin is olive oil can keep our skin moisturized because it can penetrate to our skin deeply and provide a long lasting moisture. When our skin is moisturized, it will feel smooth and supple. Don't be afraid of the word 'oil' on olive oil because it won't clog your pores! So, if your skin is really dry, put on olive oil on your face and it will help you to get rid of the dryness. There is multiple ways on how to apply olive oil onto our face:

  1. Put olive oil on a cotton pad or cotton ball, and sweep it along your face. Just like when you are using a toner. 
  2. You can also make your own exfoliator with olive oil. Mix olive oil with sugar and honey, and gently scrub your face. The sugar will help to remove the dead skin cells, the honey will help to reduce redness on your face and to kill bacteria, and the olive oil will help to give moisture on your skin. Seriously you guys, I swear my face feels so smooth like baby's skin right after I use this. 
  3. Olive oil mask - I like to mix honey and olive oil together, and just put on my face, then leave it for 15 minutes (or sometimes more). Rinse it off and your skin will feel so smooth! 
  4. As an eye makeup remover - just simply a drop of olive oil on a cotton pad, it will get rid of your eye makeup instantly! Most importantly, this will also help to smooth out the skin around eyes and prevent wrinkles. 

Olive Oil for the hair 
Not only it is good for skin, it is also good for your hair too! Olive oil can be used as a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller. Your hair will get the benefit of more shine and strength. This is even easier to use - after you wash your hair with a shampoo, massage your hair scalp with the mixture of olive oil and water for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with your shampoo again. 

Olive Oil for the nail and cuticle 
As I mentioned before, olive oil is full of moisture and it can help with the dryness on your nail and cuticle as well. Simply rub your cuticle area and around your nail with a drop of olive oil. As a result, your cuticle will stay moist and your nail will respond with a natural shine. 

I recommend to use extra virgin olive oil as opposed to olive oil, but if you only have olive oil in your kitchen, then go ahead use that. I also use just a regular olive oil and I still get the most benefits from it. I swear by olive oil, it is a really low-cost solutions to skin challenges: it keeps skin moisturized, it is natural and it is rich of antioxidants to keep our face wrinkle free! :) 

So go ahead and add olive oil on your skin care routine and you'll see differences on your skin. 

Let me know what you think! :) If you have any questions, you can simply leave in the comment below, tweet me or post on my Facebook wall. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you find this useful! :) 

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