Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Treat: Frozen Yogurt!

If I have to choose one type of food to live with, I'd say FROZEN YOGURT!! One thing about me, I am a food lover (I mean, who doesn't love food anyway? Lol). I love sugar-ish food - cookies, candies, snack bars, you name it! I know I know sugar is not good for you, but I always limit myself not to eat it too much. Anyway, back to the topic of the post: frozen yogurt. I am a yogurt lover, so when self-served frozen yogurt exists, I was sooooo excited. During summer, I used to eat it every single day! For lunch, dinner, supper, etc. Then I was thinking that this wasn't right, so now frozen yogurt is my weekend treat.

I went to my local frozen yogurt store because it contains natural real yogurt so not only it is delicious, but also it is healthy for me! Anyway..... I thought it would be interesting to show you what usually I put into my froyo (frozen yogurt for short) cup. I always get the exact same things every time I come, haha. Do you always do that too?:)

For frozen yogurt, I like to keep it simple... Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla (I know I know how boring it is). If they have Cake Batter, I'll get Cake Batter instead of Vanilla. ;) 

Toppings = the heaven on froyo store! ;p I like to put some strawberries, coconut jelly, popping boba, cap n crunch, m&m's, heath bits, and butterfinger! I always get the same toppings all the time and I wouldn't get bored haha. 

Yumm yummmmmmm
I loveeee frozen yogurt, I'd die for it, haha. Leave in the comment if you agree/disagree with me ;)

Do you like this kind of random post? I want you to know me better, and I hope to know you too! You guys are like my friends!:)

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  1. wow looks so yummy!!! our froyo shops in australia are smaller and not much variety.

    1. Really? hmm.. Froyo shops here in the US are so popular, I thought that applies for other countries too -_-" Well.. better than nothing right?? :)