Thursday, March 29, 2012

How-to: Metallic Nude Lips

Hi loves! So I just figured out a way on how to make your lips look metallic, just like wearing a lipstick with metallic finish. However, this time we won't be using any lipstick, well probably a lip balm. Does lip balm consider a lipstick? Haha. Anyway, this look is great for spring, especially for those of you who don't like wear bold lipsticks and still want your lips to look natural, but people still can see some effort you are putting in there. This is sooooo easy and fast to achieve, so it is great when you are in a rush and you don't have time to go through your lipstick collection trying to figure out what color should you be wearing today ;) I am gonna stop rambling and lets get started!

After you finished applying your foundation, dab your foundation brush to your lip. Don't add more foundation, just use whatever left on the brush. Make sure your lip is not dry or chapped; if so, put on lip balm first. This step is to neutralize your lip's color, so that it'll pick up the next product better. 

Take a highlighter powder with any kind of fluffy brush. You can use a shimmery eyeshadow too! I used theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (click here for its review)

Then, dab it again onto your lip. See how my lip looks shiny? :) 

OPTIONAL: You can put on lip balm afterwards to moisturize your lip and for a longer hold. And YAY, for chipped nails haha! 

You're DONE! 
Some of you might have known this technique or thought this is so unnecessary, haha. But I figured this out just by randomly playing with makeup products. I did not know it would be so fun and the result would be this satisfying!

Will you try this method? Do you have any tips and trick for better looking lips? Leave in the comment below!! And pleaseeee follow me on Twitter and Facebook. 



  1. Great tip and looks good on your lips! Recently I`ve been putting some metallic highlighter pencil to my lips too, it`s almost the same thing ^^
    (ahh it`s unfair that you`re so pretty..!:D)

    1. Wow thats nice! Aww don't say that!! No one in this world is not pretty :)