Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's in My Shower??

Hi lovelies!! It is a random post on my daily life again. So yesterday I got nothing to do, so I decided to clean my shower/bath tub. I used scrubbing bubbles and it really made my shower and bath tub back to white again. As I was cleaning it, I thought it would be a fun idea to show you what's in my shower, haha. Do you think so too? Anyway, it is a random post. A random post comes from a random thought, right? ;)

So this is how my overall bathroom looks like, but I am not going into my sink and drawers because the post is going to be so long and I do not wanna bored you out of it. (but if you want me to do what's in my sink or drawers, let me know!!) :)

Now you know what is my favorite color :)
Can you spot olive oil near my sink? ;) (click here to read my olive oil post). 
Lets head to the shower!!
First I have my razor on the left, it is Venus SPA Breeze 2-in-1 Razor. I like this razor because I can just use it alone without shave gel, so it is good when I am in a hurry. However, the refill cartridges are so expensive! I might discontinue using it after I am done with all the refills.
Then on the right side, I have Sweet Berry Kiss Bubble Bath that I got from Dollar Store for $1!!! I honestly have not used it yet ;p
Then below the Sweet Berry Kiss, I have Sweet Pea Bubble Bath from Bath and Body Works. I used to love having bubble bath, but now I do not do it as often as before anymore. That's why I have two bubble baths in my bath tub, LOL. 

This is my brand new pink butterfly shower caddy! I got it at Target for $16. You can find it at kids bath section :p. Anyway, the reason why I bought the shower caddy was because I need one! I have so many products in my tub and it just gets everywhere and starts to stain it. I like to have everything organized and clean, so getting a shower caddy is a good decision! 
So lets see what's in my shower caddy? :p
As I mentioned on my January Favorites post (click here to read), I LOVE the sweet pea scent from Bath and Body Works. So, I purchased this sweet pea body exfoliating scrub and I love it! It makes my skin so soft. Just FYI, exfoliate your body maximum twice a week. 

Then I have my shower gel from Ulta called Shower Smoothie in Berrylicious. I bought this last year because it was on sale. I am almost running out of it now. Then next to my shower gel, I have my Simply U Moisturizing and Smoothing Shampoo. This is a new brand and I got it at Walmart. The reason why I bought this was because it is paraben and sulfate free. 

Then, I have Simply Moisturizing and Smoothing Conditioner, my shave cream from Pure Silk in Raspberry Mist, and my Wen Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint that I got from January MyGlam bag (click here to see what is on my January MyGlam bag). I only use the Wen conditioner maybe once a week or two weeks. I use it as a deep conditioner, but I like to deep condition my hair with olive oil better (click here to read my Olive Oil post).

So that's all I got in my shower! Pretty common, huh? LOL. If you are wondering where I got my Polkadots shower curtain, I got it at Walmart last year, so I don't remember how much it was. But I notice that my local Walmart still sells it, so maybe yours do too! :)

What's in your shower? I'd like to know what's is your favorite shampoo, shower gel, shave gel, razor, etc! :) Let me know in the comment below! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and 'like' my Facebook for more randomness on my daily life! :)

Much LOVE, 


  1. is your shower always like that? i mean now it look like from some magazine - cute interior, everything has it's order? very nice...and you have lots of good stuff there. i've just realized that i have to make an order in my shower :)

    1. Thanks love! well, it is now always like that. At first, all my shower stuffs were on every side of the tub. That's why I bought a shower caddy to put everything in one place so that it'll look neat and more organized. :)