Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Remove Makeup COMPLETELY

Hi beauties! I understand sometimes it can be a dilemma when you are feeling super duper tired at night, you still have makeup on, and you just want to jump to your bed and sleep. Well, thank God there is makeup remover wipes! You can just wipe off your makeup in less than 30 seconds, and go to bed. But WAIT!!! do you know that actually your makeup is not completely off if you just wipe it off? This will be resulting in breakouts, acne, pimples the next morning. So, I really encourage you no matter how tired you are, please get up and think, "I am gonna wash my face clearly so that my skin won't be breaking out and I won't have pimples!" I know you can do this loves! :) 

I am going to be honest with you guys.. I used to being so lazy removing my makeup at night. I wore makeup almost everyday for more than 12 hours each day. Once I got back home, sometimes I just went straight to bed, or if I still had energy left, I'd use makeup remover wipes to remove my makeup. Now I regret doing it because I was breaking out like crazy and now I have post acne scars. So please don't do what I did, keep your skin clean and fresh! 

That was a long intro! I am so sorry. Anyway, like I said before, makeup remover wipes do not remove your makeup completely, even though your look at your skin afterwards and it looks clean. Makeup remover wipes always advertise themselves that they can remove your makeup completely off like you don't need to wash your face afterwards. This is not right, trust me, I have tested it out. So, today I am going to share with you all on how I remove my makeup, and this really works! No more "makeup leftover" on our face, so that our skin can renew while we're sleeping. 

First step is to remove eye makeup first with an eye makeup remover or I use olive oil. I swear to you, olive oil removes any eye products really well, even waterproof mascara. Plus, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin and it prevents wrinkles (click here to read why olive oil is good for your skin). Anyway, a lot of makeup remover wipes say that they can also remove eye makeup, but sometimes they can be too harsh for your eye. So, I personally like to use eye makeup remover because they are created specially just for your eye. 

Secondly, remove your face makeup with makeup remover wipes. Even though you will wash your face, it is best to start removing it with wipes first to get rid of the first layer of makeup on your face, so that it will be easier for your cleanser to go deep down to clean the rest of your makeup. 

The third step is to use cleansing oil. I actually just added this step about three weeks ago, and I swear to you, a cleansing oil won't leave you any traces of makeup, it gets rid of any skin impurities, and it can hydrate your skin as well. This was my first time using cleansing oil, so I really wanted to prove it if it does the job or not. So, after I cleaned my face with cleansing oil, I took a makeup remover wipe again and run it all over my face. Guess what? I did not see any traces of makeup on the wipe! So, I really highly recommend this. (There is more to talk about cleansing oil, so I think I am going to do a separate post for this :)). 

The fourth step is to exfoliate. Remember, DON'T exfoliate your skin everyday! If that day is your time to exfoliate, then use an exfoliating tool to really clean up the makeup and refresh your skin. If you have money to splurge, Clarisonic is a good one, but seriously there is so many exfoliating tools in the market now. You can get it from the cheapest to the most expensive one. I bought Clarisonic two years ago, where there was not a tool like this yet, so I saved up! But I like the Sephora Cleansing Pad, it is so soft and makes your skin so smooth afterwards. The best thing is it's only $5! If it is not your time to exfoliate, then just use your hand and regular cleanser to wash your face :)

I swear you will feel so refreshed after all of these steps. I know this seems like a lot to do, but your skin will thank to you because you allow it to finally breath. When the skin is happy, you will become a happy person too, haha! I know this sounds so silly, but I believe in this philosophy (that I just created in a few seconds ago, haha). In addition, when your skin is clean and moisturized, it can renew by themselves. It will break down dull skin, and give you a new, fresh skin in the morning! :) 

After you wash your face, don't forget to moisturize it with your favorite moisturizer! Washing your face can make your skin dry, and that how moisturizer comes in handy. It is like giving your skin water to keep it hydrated :) 

I hope you guys find this helpful! Let me know if you have any tips and tricks on how you remove your makeup, I'd love to hear it! :) Leave in the comment below, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter! 

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Love you! 


  1. Awesome post, thanks for sharing your routine!

  2. You are right on the money. If I may add that jojoba oil is really removes all your make up. Its 100% organic....and has nothing but jojoba oil in it...Love it. I also would like to say that after you wash your face with your go to cleanser than rinse with cold water. This will close your pores up and keep.the funky stuff out.