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Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin

This might be a little outdated, but I just want to throw out to you guys on my new favorite eye primer. I am an eye primer junkie, no matter what eye makeup I have or how long I plan to have it on my eyes, I will never EVER forget to put on an eye primer first before I apply my eyeshadows. I honestly do not have an oily eye lid, so my eyeshadows won't crease so badly, but it'll still crease a little when I do not have an eye primer on my eye lids. So, if you have an oily eye lid, an eye primer is a must have, and always remember to put it on first before you apply any eye products (I seriously can talk about an eye primer itself in a post, do you want a separate post of me talking about how essential an eye primer is? just let me know!)

Anyway...back to the topic (sorry that was a long intro!): Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. I love the Original Primer Potion (the one in purple tube), and I have been running out of probably two to three containers of it. The Original has no shimmer but a sheer nude color that will match in any skin tone. I love this primer because it really keeps my eyeshadows from creasing, smudging and fading!

So, since I love the Original, I have been wanting to try out the one called Sin. The reason why I did not buy it soon because it is not cheap ($20 for 0.37oz), and I have had so many primers already. However, it was on sale on Hautelook the other day for $9 if I could remember, so I went ahead to purchase it. However this one was in the old packaging, if you go to Sephora stores, they only sell the one in the new packaging, which is in a squeeze tube.

********It is still on sale on Urban Decay site now for $9!!!!! :)********

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin is a shimmery champagne color. If you are familiar with Urban Decay Sin eyeshadow and Glide-On Shadow Pencil (click here for review/photos/swatches), the color is really close to those. What I like about this product is it does what an eye primer does. It holds my eye products stay throughout the day without creasing or fading.

Another benefit that you can get from Sin but not in Original is you can use this alone to give a little extra oomph on your lid. Because the shimmery shade, you can apply it onto your lid alone, or use it as a highlighting products on your brow bone and inner corner. This product dries pretty quickly, so you need to blend it directly after you put it on. You can blend it with a fluffy brush, but I just use my fingertip and it works fine.

I like to use this either under shimmery eyeshadows or matte eyeshadows (basically any kinds of eyeshadow finish, haha). When I want my shimmery eyeshadows to look more vibrant, Sin will do that job. Also, matte eyeshadows are great, they are my favorite finish of all time, but sometimes they can look flat and boring. Sin will change the matte eyeshadows into "not-so-matte" because it will give a sheer shimmer under them.

Overall, I love this product. The texture is really liquidy, but not runny, and blends easily. The shimmer is very settled, it is not going to make your eyes look like a disco ball, haha.

Where to buy: Urbandecay.com, Sephora.com, Sephora stores, $20 for 0.37 oz. 

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