Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Trend: Neon Blush

Hi lovelies! So I want to talk about this year's spring trend very quickly. This year's spring trend is all about bold, bright, neon look. However, it is not like you are pairing neon eyeshadows and bright lipstick together, but it is when you are applying bold color in one feature of your face. For example, you have super neutral eye look, with red bold lip.

So today's post is not about bold eye look or bright lip, but it is about a neon blush. If you've seen my latest haul post (click here to read), you knew I got my first neon blush from NARS called Exhibit A. At first I kinda hesitated to purchase this one because it is really a bright color, and I always bought soft pink or peach blushes. But you know what... I decided to come out of my comfort zone, and who knows I could pull this out.

This blush is SO SO SO pigmented, you really do not want to put too much of it on your cheek to still get that natural look. So, I barely dab my brush blush onto the pan, and I still got the most color out of it. Then, I tap off the excess and sweep it onto my apple cheeks. OMG you guys... I am in love.

The color is so unique and uncommon - it is not pink, not peach, not berry, not coral, but it is an orangey red color that still looks natural on your cheeks. You also will look so healthy and glowy although it has a matte finish, and it really can bring a fresh, awake look on your face :)

As you can see in the picture below, my eye makeup is pretty much a soft smokey look, and this blush won't make my face look too overwhelmed. It is because I use so little product, and you still can see the color on my cheeks. I am so positive that this blush will last me a long time even though I use it everyday since I only use 0.0000000001 oz of it, haha!

So, don't be afraid of neon blushes girls! It took me two trips to Sephora to finally decide whether to buy it because I was just so skeptical about it, and who knew I would ended up falling in love with it, and it actually gave me a fresh, healthy look on my face. The trick to achieve a natural look is not to take too much of the product. If you accidentally take too much of it, tap off the excess really well or sweep it onto your hand first to get the most product out, then apply it onto your cheeks.

You can use any bright neon blushes, but I really highly recommend NARS Exhibit A. It is pricey, but will last you forever.

Where to buy: Sephora, NARScosmetics.com, $28 for 0.16oz. 

Have you ever tried a bright blush before? Which one is your favorite? Share in the comment below! :) Or you can also tweet me on Twitter, and post on my Facebook wall. I'd love to get to know you! :) 

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NARS Blush in Exhibit A

NARS Blush in Exhibit A

NARS Blush in Exhibit A

NARS Blush in Exhibit A

this tutorial is coming soon!! :) 

You can see up close here that I do not use a lot of products, but it still gives you enough pigmentation to get a healthy looking cheeks. 


  1. I love Exhibit A..I don't own it but have swatched it and it gives such a beautiful flushed look. You should try the taj mahal blush..it's gorgeous :)

    1. Exactly!! I definitely will check out Taj Mahal, thank you for your recommendation! :)