Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TIPS: Organizing Beauty Samples for Less!

Are you a person who are always excited to get free samples, but you end up not using them? You'll just either save and forget about them, or they will just scatter all over your place? Well, I actually just described my self! I always get free samples from beauty stores like Sephora, Ulta or beauty counters at Nordstrom. I would be so excited and happy when the beauty girls gave me free samples to try, but then when I got back home, I'd put them either in my collection samples box, vanity, or next to my sink WITHOUT using them. So, all of my samples are everywhere!

A few days ago I posted a picture on Facebook of all my samples while I was trying to organizing it. I think it might be a good idea to share with you how I finally ended up organizing them in order to keep them noticeable (so I don't forget to use them) and to look neat in one place. When I was organizing these, I realized that I have SOOO MANYYY samples, especially on skin care. I have like every brand of skin care products, and I have been saving them for so long! It is funny how I found some skin care samples that I have been wanting to try for a long time, haha. Ohh.. And I also have some backups for makeup products whether it is limited edition or simply for a backup, and I keep them in the same place as well.

So, now let me tell you how I organize them. All you need is ziploc bags - the size is up to you. I use large ziploc bags for things that I have the most, and are big size; and small bags for small things. Then, you label each of the bag, gather all the bags and put them in one place. You can save it inside a container box, or put them in a shelf.

For example, I have a ton of moisturizers samples, and I keep them in a large sized ziploc bag, and I label the bag with a sharpie with "moisturizers."

I like to keep everything organized and make it look neat and clean. I would always freak out when my apartment was dirty and messy. To be honest with you, I am a pretty OCD person. This might be a good thing because I will always be able to find stuffs easily, but might be a bad thing too because I will freak out when everything is misplaced (and probably it can annoy others too, lol!).

So I hope this tips is useful for you! If you have any organizing tips, pleaseeeeeee let me know because I love to see different ways on how to organize things. You can always leave a comment below, tweet me, or post on my Facebook wall! :) 

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  1. This is me to a T! I have so many sample in random bags and corners of my room! It's so silly! When i become less lazy about finding them all I will probably take your tip on how to organize them! :D Thanks!

    1. haha that happened to me too! they were like EVERYWHERE! yayy glad that you'd try it out :) thanks girl!