Sunday, March 4, 2012

AMAZING Face Mask to Clear Pores and Acne! Feat. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

As I mentioned in my last February Favorites post (click here to read), I was back using my Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask again. I love Origins products because they contain natural ingredients that would not harm your skin. I used to use a lot of Origins products, but I like to change and try something new, and that's how my relationship with Origins ends :( But now I am back! :)

So today I wanna tell you about my opinions for the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. This mask contains activated charcoal that helps to deeply clear out pores from from dirt, debris and other environmental toxins. Sometimes we do not realize that being out in the sun can cause our skin many problems such as waste-filtering system gets unbalanced, pores get clogged and hence skin looks dull. This mask will get to the bottom of the skin and clear up the dirt and toxins that stuck down there.

I have an amazing experience with this mask. Once I applied it, I feel the active charcoal will act directly like a magnet to your face (you even can't move your lip!). I can feel my face tightened and the charcoal goes deep into my face to clean it up. Once I take it off with a warm towel, my face feels so refreshing, my skin looks incredibly clean, my pores look smaller, and my acne looks less red. I also feel that my skin looks brighter. I love this mask so much!

I use this mask twice a week, and every time I have active acne or whiteheads. My acne would not go right away and takes a few days to clear up, but my whiteheads are gone afterwards and just turns into red bumps. It says that you can use this once a week or as often as needed. However, I do not recommend using it every day. Last month I tried to use it every day because this stuff is just so amazing, but I feel the mask did not work as best as I used it on alternative days. When I used it some days of the week, I can see the change on my skin. However, when I used it every day, I could not see the difference.

So basically I just apply it all over my face, but I put more products on my acne or problem areas. Then I usually let it sit for thirty minutes. By this time, my face will feel extremely tight! After that, I use a small towel that I soaked it into warm water, then just gently wipe the mask off.

In addition, it contains no harm chemicals like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc. It has White China Clay formula which absorbs the toxins, and Lecithin for dissolving impurities.

Overall, I could not describe how I love this product. I really recommend this. Our skin needs to breath, and those dirty stuffs don't allow our skin to breath! Therefore, we need to get rid of them and this mask will help clearing them up. :)

Where to buy:,, Origins stores, Origins counter, $22.

What is your favorite mask? Do you think you will purchase this mask or just leave it? Let me know in the comment below! Tweet me and post on my Facebook wall too! :) 

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Hope this picture does not scare you away! haha!


  1. arent there any masks we can make at home?

    1. Yes!! Would you like a tutorial on it? :)